Water Regulations Courses

Water Regulations

The water regulations course enables qualified plumbers to join the Water Industry Approved Plumbers' Scheme (WIAPS) upon successful completion. A national membership with WIAPS allows qualified plumbers to carry out work with a local water company without the need to get their approval.

WIAPS is an approved contractor scheme on behalf of seventeen water undertakers. Successful completion of the water regulations course will enable practising and qualified plumbers to apply to their local water company as an approved contractor. By becoming an approved contractor for their local water company, the qualified plumber is able to self-certify plumbing work and any installations or alterations they performed.

This course is usually delivered onsite in a combination of theory and practical based curriculum and assessments. Having recognised training and qualifications is a must to achieve your dream career of becoming a professional plumber.

The water regulations course is a carefully planned, industry wide and recognised course that will progress your plumbing career even further.

Who is the water regulations course aimed at?

The water regulations course is suitable for experienced and qualified plumbers who are required to perform plumbing installations or alternations on water works. Upon successful completion of the course, the qualified plumber will achieve a certificate of competence that gives them the qualifications required and competence to apply for membership to WIAPS, which in turn enables them to work on water installation or alternations that would otherwise need approval from the local water board.

See course content below for more information.

Water regulations course content

  • Introduction and background
  • Water legislation
  • Materials and substances in contact with water
  • Requirements for water fittings
  • Water system design
  • Installation commissioning
  • Cross connections
  • Black flow prevention
  • Cold and hot water services
  • WCs and urinals
  • Sanitary appliances
  • Water for outside use

After completing the water regulations course

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