Wallpapering Training Courses


The wallpapering course provides an in-depth understanding of how to apply wallpaper to walls and other surfaces. Wallpapering is an underestimate job with many untrained novice DIY’ers ending up with misaligned edges or worse, wallpaper with many noticeable bubbles and gouges. The decorator only needs to have one misaligned joint to occur or mix up an incorrect proportion of adhesive mixture, and the rest is well, not so great.

The wallpapering course content and duration can vary from one provider to another. However, in general, taking a comprehensive wallpapering course, whether it is for two days or five, will equip you with the training required to produce a professional finished wallpapering project. Wallpapering courses that are longer than 2 days are usually geared for the novice who might need more time to develop their confidence, skills and dexterity.

This is a hands-on, practical wallpapering course. Most learning providers will provide tools and materials but you will be required to wear suitable clothing and protective footwear (preferably steel toed), which is compulsory.

Who is the wallpapering course aimed at?

The wallpapering course is ideal for people with no wallpapering skills at all. They could be anyone from non-decorators to professional interior designers and painters who require competent wallpapering skill to help round out their portfolio of qualifications.

Wallpapering course content

  • Health and safety
  • Introduction to different types of wallpaper
  • Wallpapering tools and materials
  • Types of adhesives and their applications
  • Mixing adhesives
  • How to measure the area
  • Set and mark out, including levelling and plumbing (straight and aligned)
  • How to cut wallpaper straight and identify pattern edges
  • Correct and safe use of pasting tables
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Mark, cut and trim around obstacles
  • Cleaning up

After completing the wallpapering course

Upon successful completion of the wallpapering course, why not enrol in one of the other painting and decorating course?

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