Tiling DIY Training Courses

Tiling DIY

The tiling DIY course will teach you basic tiling skills. You will be able to tile surfaces such as walls and floors; basically any surface that can receive tiles. You’ll also learn how to remove and repair, damaged tiles, safely and quickly.

Some training providers offer the tiling DIY course at several basic levels but in general, even the most basic course will teach you to become competent enough to install a simple tiling project.

You might also be interested in the option of enrolling in a tiling DIY level course that offers assessments and/or City and Guilds certificates on successful completion of the course. Those tiling courses offer more comprehensive basic training that will expose you to complex tiling methods and techniques, including problem solving how to tile around difficult spaces and uneven surfaces.

Most learning providers will provide tools and materials but you will be required to wear suitable clothing and protective footwear (preferably steel toed), which is compulsory.

Who is the tiling diy course aimed at?

The tiling DIY course is ideal for people who are working on their kitchen or other domestic tiling projects or for kitchen fitters and plumbers preparing themselves to offer tiling as part of their professional services.

The tiling DIY course is described below:

Tiling diy course content

  • Health and safety
  • Types of tiles
  • Techniques and methods
  • Preparing spaces (floors and walls)
  • Checking for level
  • Adhesives
  • Fixing tiles
  • Grouting
  • Cleaning tools, equipment and space
  • Prepare a risk assessment for the tiling activity
  • Prepare a method statement for the tiling activity
  • How to cope with more difficult obstacles such as pipes for shower attachments and toilet wastes
  • Tile with different materials including mosaics
  • Learn the correct procedure to remove and replace damaged existing tiles with new tiles

After completing the tiling diy course

If you feel you need to learn more about tiling and perhaps move further on and become a City and Guilds qualified tiler, take a look at our other tiling courses.

Available tiling courses

  • Tiling Advanced
  • Tiling Level 2
  • Tiling Level 3
  • Tanking and Floor Screeding
  • Victorian and Mosaic Tiling
  • Natural Stone Tiling

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