Plumbing and Pipework Training Courses

Plumbing and Pipework

The plumbing and pipework training course is recommended for practising plumber to better understand the requirements of Gas Safe pipework, particularly useful if undertaking the plumbing and gas course afterwards. It is comprehensive training that deals with pipework related skills using real life practical examples that will enable you to work with both copper and steel pipes.

Like the other plumbing modules on this site, the plumbing and pipework course is designed to help you learn by providing practical and theory based on real pipework plumbing scenarios. It is best to undertake this course onsite to better learn hands-on techniques of pipework preparation, cutting, measuring and soldering and calculating X and Z dimensions.

Having recognised training and qualifications is a must to achieve your dream career of becoming a professional plumber. The plumbing and pipework training course is a carefully planned, industry wide and recognised course that will progress your plumbing career even further and is beneficial if you are furthering your career as a Gas Safe qualified plumbing engineer.

For on-site training, you will be required to wear suitable clothing and protective footwear (preferably steel toed), which is compulsory.

Who is the plumbing and pipework training course aimed at?

The plumbing and pipework training course is for people who have none or little experience of fitting and joining pipework. It is particularly beneficial for plumbing engineers who are undertaking Gas Safe qualifications.

See course content below for more information.

Plumbing and pipework training course content

  • Compression fittings assemblage
  • Types of jointing pastes used for compression jointing
  • Cutting compression fittings to bespoke dimensions
  • Assembling compression fittings to bespoke dimensions
  • Jointing compression fittings frames to bespoke dimensions
  • Cutting, treading, assembling and jointing steel pipes
  • Fittings used on steel pipes
  • Soldering practice and assessments
  • Compression fitting practice and assessments
  • Steel pipe practice and assessments

After completing the plumbing and pipework training course

After you’ve successfully passed the assessments for the plumbing and pipework training course, consider taking a plumbing and gas course to further your training along.

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