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Plumbing and Gas Fitter

The plumbing and gas training course combines level 2 and 3 with the added benefit of being assigned to work alongside a Gas Safe engineer. After completion and achieving a successful pass on assessments and examinations, you will attain level 3 plumber and gas engineer qualifications as well qualifications in Water Regulations (WRAS), Unvented Hot Water Systems and Energy Efficiency.

Like the other plumbing modules on this site, the plumbing and gas course is designed to help you learn by providing comprehensive programme of practical and theory, supplemented with practical assignments based on real plumbing scenarios. The course is available full time or part time, onsite or online or a combination of both.

The plumbing and gas training course addresses the trade requirement that professional plumbers who work or intend to specialise in plumbing involving gas systems, provide compulsory evidence of a gas portfolio of competence and undergo exams such as ACS for core gas and appliances such as cookers and boilers. Successful results on these exams will enable the ability to register as a qualified Gas Safe plumber. It is recommended that you undertake a plumbing and pipework course as well in order to better understand pipework requirements in gas training.

Having recognised training and qualifications is a must to achieve your dream career of becoming a professional plumber. The plumbing and gas training course is a carefully planned, industry wide and recognised course that will progress your plumbing career even further.

Who is the plumbing and gas training course aimed at?

The plumbing and gas training course is for people who want to add gas systems within their remit of qualifications. The course combines level 2 and 3. This makes the course perfect for people who are interested in learning more at one time rather than taking three modules one after another. The course is also ideal for people who already have plumbing qualifications but would like to achieve Gas Safe qualifications either as part of their employment requirements or to obtain more customers who require services that extend to gas systems.

See course content below for more information.

Plumbing and gas training course content

The plumbing and gas training course curriculum while have three modules:

Level 2 and 3

  • Health and safety
  • Environmental technology principles and requirements
  • Plumbing system installation planning
  • Complex cold water and domestic hot water systems
  • Sanitation and drainage systems
  • Central heating systems

Gas training

  • Principles of domestic gas
  • Functions of gas appliances
  • Principles of flues and combustion
  • Regulations and legislation
  • Tightness testing
  • Pipework requirements
  • Gas safety controls and unsafe situations
  • Flueing and ventilation

Regulatory exams for Gas Safe (ACS)

  • CCN1/CPA1: Core Gas
  • CENWAT: Boilers and Water Heaters
  • CKR1: Cookers
  • HTR1: Fires

After completing the plumbing and gas training course

After you’ve successfully passed the exam for the plumbing and gas training course and acquired your qualifications as level 3 plumber and Gas Safe engineer, consider taking plumbing and pipework to further your training along.

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