Paving and Slabbing Training Courses

Paving and Slabbing

The paving and slabbing course will enable you to design and lay out a patio area. It is designed to help you identify appropriate materials and equipment to use on both flexible and rigid surface areas. The course is usually delivered hands-on and will require onsite participation in order to take full benefit from the comprehensive training.

Most learning providers will provide tools and materials but you will be required to wear suitable clothing and protective footwear (preferably steel toed), which is compulsory.

Who is the paving & slabbing course aimed at?

The paving and slabbing course is ideal for people who are working on their garden patio or other paving projects or for those preparing themselves for employment in the build trade industry and would like to offer this skill as part of their consultancy.

The paving and slabbing course is described below:

Paving & slabbing course content

  • Paving techniques
  • Principles of paving construction
  • Cutting and shaping slabs
  • Decorative elements: diamond, curved and angle patterns
  • Outlining with brick pavers
  • Preparing the work base
  • Calculating centre lines
  • Mixing techniques
  • Pointing finishes

After completing the paving & slabbing course

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Available bricklaying courses

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  • Bricklaying Advanced
  • Bricklaying Level 2
  • Bricklaying Level 3

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