Gas Site Skills Courses

Gas Site Skills

The gas site skills course provides useful work site skills for the experienced plumber who is keen to learn and upon successful completion, register themselves as qualified as gas engineers and further the viability of getting a gas portfolio placement.

The gas site skills course is mainly practical, providing essential working skills from refitting and resizing pipework, undertaking the servicing, removal or replacement of a boiler to the best practice masonry drilling to install a boiler flue.

All on-site training will require you to wear suitable clothing and protective footwear (preferably steel toed), which is compulsory.

Who is the gas site skills course aimed at?

The gas site skills course is suitable for experienced and qualified plumbers who are required to perform Gas Safe installations or alterations on gas works such as servicing, refitting, removing and installing a boiler and other related site work.

See course content below for more information.

Gas site skills course content

  • Open vented heating and hot water system works
  • Drain down and decommission heating and hot water systems
  • Convert open vented heating systems to a sealed heating system
  • Boiler template to mark out the position of a boiler
  • Drill through masonry for the boiler flue and fix a boiler jig to a masonry wall
  • Assemble, mark out and hang radiators
  • How to lift correctly, mark out and notch floor joists
  • Copper and plastic pipework installation under a suspended floor
  • Fill and vent a system of air

After completing the gas site skills course

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