Bricklaying Level 3 Training Courses

Bricklaying Level 3

Similar to bricklaying level 2 but more advanced, the level 3 course will enable you to achieve City and Guilds NVQ level qualifications.

The difference in the courses is that the bricklaying level 3 programme begins with basic training and ends at an advanced level and includes the completion of an assigned main project. Essentially, if you have already taken a basic course, such as bricklaying DIY or have competent knowledge of practical brickwork at the foundation level, you could enrol in the bricklaying level 3 course.

The bricklaying level 3 course will also prepare you to be employable for building works upon successful completion of the programme and passing marks on assessments and exams. At the successful end of this journey, you will receive a City and Guilds 6217 qualification with a clear path to achieving NVQ level 3 and obtaining a CSCS card (which is now required on any build work in the UK).

Some training providers will help you gain practical hands-on build experience by assigning you to specialist brickwork projects as part of your assessments and in turn could be documented and used to form part of your proof of competencies portfolio. These assignments will include design/labour but also learning how to estimate a job, ability to site materials and labour costs and how to record, report and document work sites and build works.

Most learning providers will provide tools and materials but you will be required to wear suitable clothing and protective footwear (preferably steel toed), which is compulsory.

Who is the bricklaying level 3 course aimed at?

The bricklaying level 3 course is ideal for people with competent basic bricklaying skills, to enable them to work on more complex bricklaying projects of their own. Level 3 is also most popular for people seeking a career as a professional City and Guilds qualified bricklayer and this course will prepare them to undertake NVQ and CSCS status.

The bricklaying level 3 course is described below:

Bricklaying level 3 course content

Each educational provider’s course content differs from another but in general, the bricklaying level 3 course will include emphasis on safety, regulations, materials and equipment selections, alongside more complex brickwork projects, methods and techniques, that in turn could form the basis of a successfully competent bricklayer level 3 NVQ portfolio.

After completing the bricklaying level 3 course

A successful completion of the bricklaying level 3 course, the next step is assessment in order to achieve NVQ level 3 qualifications.

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