Create Stunning Digital Photographs Training Course

Stunning Digital Photographs

As a new photographer you’ve got to start somewhere and our Create Stunning Digital Photographs course is great place to start! The goal of this fun and informative course is to provide you with an introduction to digital photography and get you started on the path to becoming a great photographer. You’ll begin by learning the fundamentals of digital photography including composition, lighting, exposure and using your camera’s manual mode. Next the course will focus on teaching you the basics of contemporary portrait photography including how to pose your subject and working with children and pets. We will also cover photographing the great outdoors including animals, natural and man-made landscapes, as well as wedding and event photography and night shooting. Finally macro photography and underwater portraits complete the digital photography curriculum.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Create Stunning Digital Photographs training course content

The Create Stunning Digital Photographs training course consists of 4 modules:

Create Stunning Digital Photographs Module 1 The Fundamentals

In Module 1, students will begin by building a strong foundation in basic digital photography. Composition, lighting, manual camera controls, exposure and file types are the beginning topics covered in this module. These foundational topics will prepare the student to begin shooting subject matter in Module 2.

  • Quick Tips for Improvement
  • Composition Tools
  • Different Types of Lighting
  • Controlling Your Camera
  • Understanding Exposure

Create Stunning Digital Photographs Module 2 Portraits, Weddings & Animals

In Module 2, students will start shooting subject matter that builds on the skills learned in the first module. We will begin with portrait photography, learning to pose men and women and best practices for working with children during a portrait session. Next we progress to an overview of wedding photography from the planning stages through the actual wedding day. Lastly we will cover photographing animals in the wild, learning techniques for shooting creatures in their natural habitat.

  • Introduction to Portrait Photography
  • Learning to Pose Men
  • Learning to Pose Women
  • Working with Children
  • Wedding Photography

Create Stunning Digital Photographs Module 3 The Great Outdoors & Night Photography

Module 3 focuses on landscapes and cityscapes, nature photography, night photography and the creative practice of light painting. We will begin by learning how composition, planning and certain camera settings produce visually stunning photographs. Landscape, cityscape and nature photography discuss capturing the beauty in the natural world and shooting and processing night photography will teach the student how to effectively take photos in low light conditions and of the stars and moon. Light painting is the last topic covered – it’s a fun way to enhance your night photography and is a great outlet for creative expression in your images.

  • Composition, Planning, & Camera Settings
  • Landscapes & Cityscapes
  • Nature Photography
  • Shooting & Processing Night Photography
  • Light Painting

Create Stunning Digital Photographs Module 4 HDR, Macro & Underwater Photography

Module 4 begins by providing students with an overview of HDR (high dynamic range) photography and how to achieve the HDR process on your own. Next we will discuss macro photography, learning to shoot up-close and personal photos of textures, plants, and animals. Lastly we will learn about the challenges and rewards of shooting images underwater, taking time to learn about both proper gear and the portrait process.

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Overview
  • The HDR Process
  • Macro Settings & Equipment
  • Macro Techniques
  • Underwater Photography Gear

After completing the Create Stunning Digital Photographs training course

After completing the Create Stunning Digital Photographs training course, you should be able to:

  • Identify how composition, shutter, aperture, lighting, exposure and image file type affect a digital photograph
  • Analyze, troubleshoot and correct your own digital photography files
  • Understand the different techniques for shooting people, places, events and animals
  • Recall equipment needed for shooting underwater, macro and night photography
  • Create well-executed digital photographs that show an understanding of composition, exposure, lighting, and camera control

Course duration

The Create Stunning Digital Photographs training course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.