Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant Training Course

Dental Office Assistant

Working as a dental office assistant is an ideal method of finding employment in the professional setting of a dental office without spending the time or money to pursue a more in-depth education required of those working in the clinical side of the dental practice. As a dental office assistant, you often single-handedly manage the office side of the operation. Lacking the essential talents of a dental office assistant, a dental office would have to shut down, or at least sputter along at a less than efficient manner. There are several duties performed by a dental office assistant that make this employee so important to the overall operation of a dental clinic. First, the dental office assistant is the one who sets up patients appointments for the dental practice. Without these appointments, the dental office is without an income. The dental office assistant also welcomes patients to the practice and handles all of the paperwork, including dental insurance forms. With some quality training and good organizational skills, you can easily handle all of these facets of a dental office assistant career. In larger dental facilities, many dental office assistants might be on the payroll, with each one handed a specific job. Hire on with a small general dental practice and your job is varied with several tasks required for your employment. Our course will share the interesting career of a dental office assistant.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant training course content

The Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant training course consists of 4 modules:

Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant Module 1 Responsibilities of the Dental Team and Basic Management Requirements

Prior to joining a dental office, you need to know the hierarchy of the personnel who works in such an organization. There are different staff members, one of which is probably your employer, who have a number of duties. Module one will examine each of the members of the dental team. Module one also includes an overview of the ethical considerations a dental office assistant must use when working with a patient’s dental records or a client’s financial information. Dental offices come as varied as the personalities of dentists in the real world. Even though there are differences, a few basics are needed in all dental practices. Finally, module one will discuss the primary responsibilities for job performance in clinical and non-clinical areas of the office.

  • The Dental Healthcare Team
  • Ethical Responsibilities
  • What DOA Does
  • Dental Office Design
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Managing the Waiting Area

Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant Module 2 Everyday Tips and Knowledge Requirements for the Dental Assistant

Scheduling dental patients resembles fitting together a huge jigsaw puzzle. There are several variables which must be considered. Module two will analyze each of these variables. Also included in module two is a list of guidelines regarding the scheduling duties of the dental office assistant. Even though the dental office assistant will not be involved with the clinical areas of the dental office, it is still important to know basic dental anatomy, in order to discuss details with the dentist, other dental employees, insurance companies and even the patients. Module two will examine these essential dental terms. Finally, module two will review a number of dental procedures that you need to know. Scheduling

  • Time-Saving Functions
  • Types of Appointment Scheduling
  • Basic Dental Anatomy
  • Basic Dental Assistant Duties
  • Dental Procedures

Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant Module 3 Organizing the Office

As a dental office assistant, you are the key member of the dental team who is in charge of keeping accurate electronic clinical records. Module three will review the details involved with maintaining complete electronic clinical records for dental practices. Preparing and compiling the clinical records of dental patients must be thorough and complete, since these records outline the comprehensive history of any general dental management, individual dental treatments, initial and routine diagnoses, and any illnesses involving the oral cavity. Also included in module three is an overview of the dental office assistant’s role in ordering the office supplies that are required and staying involved with equipment cleaning around the dental office. Keeping tabs on the inventory of a dental office is often a job assigned to the dental office assistant. When this job is performed correctly, all dental professionals have the necessary supplies when they need them. When problems arise from a faulty inventory system, the dental practice suffers from lost opportunities, which means a reduction in income. A careful examination of procedures to use in handling inventory is included in module three.

  • Electronic Clinical Records
  • Filing Methods
  • Preparing Clinical Records
  • Dental Office Equipment
  • Managing Inventory
  • Types of Supplies

Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant Module 4 Financial Duties and Essentials of Employment

A majority of dental offices handle claims to dental insurance companies to help pay for dental care. A dental office assistant will need to become familiar with the types of dental insurance used by patients, be able to code insurance claims, and have familiarity with ways of filing these same claims. Module four will examine each of the financial duties of the medical office assistant. Managing the dental practice’s finances also means maintaining accurate records involving taxes, billing, and transactions. Module four will discuss some of the essentials concerning accounting, including how to administer an office budget, the particulars involving accounts payable, and processing the payroll for an employer. Selecting a career as a dental office assistant provides ample opportunities as a career choice. Module four will examine each of these benefits. Also included in this module is an exploration of the job outlook for this career and the training needed in order to be considered for a position in a dental office. A resume only gets your foot in the door. The next step is the face-to-face interview. Module four offers some pointers on how to prepare for an interview for a dental office assistant job, along with suggestions to help make you a stand-out candidate for the position. Finally, this module will provide some tips for giving a resume that special something that gains attention.

  • Dental Insurance Processing
  • Financial Management
  • Managing Accounts Receivable
  • Payment Arrangements
  • Employment Strategies
  • Essentials of Landing a Job
  • Resume Basics

After completing the Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant training course

After completing the Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant training course, you should be able to:

  • Explore the duties of each member of the dental healthcare team
  • Examine the clinical and non-clinical areas of the dental office design
  • Gain an understanding of time-saving functions related to scheduling and appointments in a dental office
  • Study basic dental anatomy
  • Examine the components and processes of filing electronic clinical records
  • Discover the types of office equipment, supplies, and inventory found in a dental office
  • Explore the processes involved with insurance, accounting, and financial management
  • Examine the essential strategies needed to land a job

Course duration

The Discover a Career as a Dental Office Assistant training course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.