Start Your Own Green Business Training Course

Green Business

Are you interested in starting your own environmentally-friendly business? From creating a sustainable business model to selecting eco-friendly products, this course will help you to discover your competitive edge in the green business world of today. Discover how to establish your business as a green business while exploring new green business opportunities. Plus you will also gain insights, ideas, and concepts from successful green businesses!

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Start Your Own Green Business training course content

The Start Your Own Green Business training course consists of 4 modules:

Start Your Own Green Business Module 1 Getting Started in a Green Business

Has Green living infiltrated your everyday life? Are you ready to share the lifestyle with others? Module one will take a look at how to start your own Green business. Included in module one is how to set personal, financial, business and environmental goals into place within your company. We will look at how to begin in small, manageable ways.

  • What Does “Green” Mean?
  • The Green Home Based Business
  • What are Your Personal Goals
  • What are Your Financial and Business Goals
  • What are Your Environmental Goals

Start Your Own Green Business Module 2 Setting Up Your Business

Module two will take a look at how to market to your customers. Also included in module two are strategies to use to scout out your competition and how to offer the right products and pricing in your business. Module two will look at the basic costs of business start-up, as well.

  • Customers and Market Research
  • Exploring Your Target Market
  • Scouting the Competition
  • Finding a Green Location
  • Business Equipment, Furniture, and Figuring Out Your Costs

Start Your Own Green Business Module 3 Making Your Way in a Greener World

In module three we will explore the options you have to finance your company. Establishing a Green business can be challenging as much of the population has not made the transfer to incorporating a green lifestyle. Module three will guide you through establishing your business plan and what you can do to market to your community.

  • Green Financing
  • Getting the Go to Go Green
  • Making Your Way
  • Establishing a Green Business
  • The Mindset of the Community

Start Your Own Green Business Module 4 Spreading the Word and Social Responsibility

Module four will take a look at establishing your responsibility to your community. Living a Green life will help your company set apart from its competition. From marketing to daily business processes, the company should be maintaining positive green habits. Module four will share tips as to stay up-to-date with industry trends and the future of Green.

  • Green Marketing
  • It Starts at Home
  • Social Responsible Investing
  • Maintaining Positive Green Habits
  • The Future of Green

After the Start Your Own Green Business training course

After completing the Start Your Own Green Business training course, you should be able to:

  • Define sustainability
  • Define your green business goals
  • Identify ways to build your green business
  • Identify an effective marketing plan to entice new customers
  • Identify steps to incorporate green solutions into your daily business utilizing the sustainability key of reduce, reuse and recycle

Course duration

The Start Your Own Green Business training course is 24 long, taught over 4 weeks.