Start Your Own Floral Business Training Course


Do you love being surrounded by flowers? Do you like to make people feel special with your floral gifts and arrangements? With so many different occasions appropriate for giving flowers, a florist shop is an in-demand business to start. Perfect your floral-arranging skills and customer service skills with a traditional florist shop or use your creativity with the endless possibilities of items to add to your shop! Whether you are considering opening a retail or a wholesale floral business, there are many things to consider when thinking about starting a floral business. Our course will provide you with essential information to get started!

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Start Your Own Floral Business training course content

The Start Your Own Floral Business training course consists of 4 modules:

Start Your Own Florist Business Module 1 A Day in the Life of a Florist

It seems that a business owner of a florist shop would spend a lot of time dabbling with flowers, plants, and arrangements. But, although an owner is surrounded by the fragrant collections, they actually spend little time with the actual arrangements. Module one will review the day in the life of a florist and examine the basic steps that the owner needs to take in the beginning. Also included in module one is how to arrange window displays, refrigeration, counter space, storage, and the atmosphere of the shop.

  • Where to Start
  • Arranging
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Retail
  • Wholesale Flowers and Supplies

Start Your Own Florist Business Module 2 Market Research and the Business Side of Flowers

Where do your customers come from? What other businesses are similar to yours in the area? These questions are important as you plan to seek financing for your company. Module two will guide you, the new business owner, through the basics of how to set up your company for financial success. Also included in module two is considerations you should take in legal issues and insurance policies for your company.

  • Customer Base
  • Financing
  • Cycles of the Financial Moon
  • Tracking Money
  • Insurance and Legal Matters

Start Your Own Florist Business Module 3 Outfitting a Flower Shop

Creativity is key when furnishing your flower shop. Some items cannot be avoided when considering your initial purchases and in module three, we will take a look at the necessities and the wants. Also included in module three is where to purchase your flowers from and how to care for your flowers. Wrapping up this module is what you need to do to stay up to day in the florist industry and a look at a few tips of the trade.

  • The Flower Shop Necessities
  • Practical Matters
  • Flowers, Flowers, Wherefore Art Thou?
  • Learning about a Niche
  • Tricks of the Trade

Marketing and Expansion

Module four will examine how to build your marketing plan and marketing tips that will help the customers come to you. Also included in module four is an overview of what the typical customer wants and how your role is important in gaining their respect and long-term commitment to your company. Module four finishes up with tips on how to bring in more money.

  • Marketing Plan
  • Flower Talk
  • Customer Service
  • Expanding Revenue, Not Customers
  • Wholesale Floral

After completing Start Your Own Floral Business training course

After completing the Start Your Own Floral Business training course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the main types of floral businesses
  • Identify the core elements of the floral industry
  • Identify considerations for opening a florist shop or a wholesale floral business
  • Identify methods of marketing your business to reach your target consumers
  • Identify successful customer service techniques

Course duration

The Start Your Own Floral Business training course is 24 long, taught over 4 weeks.