Start Your Own Day Spa Business Training Course

Day Spa Business

Spas provide a wide array of services designed to improve health, beauty and relaxation through treatments such as massage, wraps and facials. Learn what it takes to open and manage a successful spa – from business planning to marketing. Discover the latest trends in the spa industry as well as tips on how to set your spa apart from the competition.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Start Your Own Day Spa Business training course content

The Start Your Own Day Spa Business course consists of 4 modules:

Start Your Own Day Spa Business Module 1 The Spa Market and Start Up Funding

In module one we will look at how more people are embracing a more natural, holistic, and fulfilling lifestyle through spa living. Included in this module is the history of the spa, as well as, the trends in the current spa market. We will examine where your beginning business funds and financing will come from, and the type of business that is right for you. You can become a successful entrepreneur if you have motivation, a willingness to learn, and a positive spirit!

  • Simply Spa
  • Researching the Spa Market
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Start Up Funding and Financing
  • Confessions of an Entrepreneur

Start Your Own Day Spa Business Module 2 Setting Up Your Business

A successful spa is a combination of the technical, practical, and spiritual aspects that constitute a humming business. In module two we will look at how to start your company-from choosing a name and marketing your product! If you want your spa to succeed, you must believe in yourself and in this module, we will look at tips for beginning spa owners to get you started on the right path.

  • Tips for Starting a Spa
  • Negotiating a Lease
  • Spa Management
  • Cyber Marketing
  • Marketing Tips for Spa Owners

Start Your Own Day Spa Business Module 3 Spa Ambience, Healing, and Exotics

The atmosphere you create for your guest is key to having a superior spa and client satisfaction. In module three we will explore a variety of massage techniques and how when done right, will provide an increased physical and mental health for both the receiver and the giver. Essential oils are always included in holistic healing and we will examine the different essential oils of aromatherapy and how to use them in your spa. We will wrap up module three with a discussion on the type of spa will suit you best for the initial phases of your business.

  • Spa Culture Makes a Difference
  • Basic Massage Techniques
  • Scents and Oils
  • Ideas from the Orient
  • Day or Destination Spa

Start Your Own Day Spa Business Module 4 Final Spa Decisions

Medical and Spiritual spas have been common throughout history, although they are relatively new in our modern experience. In module four, we will look at the legal aspects of opening these spas, the type of employees that should be on staff, and the licensing regulations. There are certain expectations of the décor and etiquette within a spa and we will examine some of the basic “rules” of spa etiquette in this module. This module will conclude with a look at current and futuristic spas and how to keep up with the trends from within this group.

  • Starting a Medical Spa
  • Starting a Spiritual Spa
  • Spa Etiquette
  • Current Spa Trends
  • Future and Futuristic Spa Trends

After completing the Start Your Own Day Spa Business training course

After completing the Start Your Own Day Spa Business training course, you should be able to:

  • Identify steps necessary to research your local market
  • Identify ways to attract your target client
  • Identify ways to enhance your client’s experience
  • Identify potential services to offer
  • Define marketing tactics to help promote your business

Course duration

The Start Your Own Day Spa Business training course is 24 long, taught over 4 weeks.