Understanding Other People Course

Understanding Other People

Would you like to get along with more people? Do you want to figure out how you can become a better negotiator in your personal and professional relationships? The answer is in five secrets to understanding other people, and it is possible to not only learn them but also put them into practice immediately to improve your relationships! This course will help you understand what is happening in your communication and in your relationships so that you can learn how to understand yourself better and therefore expand your options in every relationship.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Understanding Other People course content

The Understanding Other People course consists of 4 modules:

Understanding Other People Module 1 It’s All About Me

We are at the center of everything we do and all of our relationships. While we do not like to believe this about ourselves, it is an important step to changing our personal and professional relationships. This module will discuss how our personal filters impact all of our relationships, how to understand them, and what we can do to help recognize and begin to communicate more effectively.

  • The Clogged Filters
  • Just See It My Way
  • Stepping Outside of Yourself
  • Find Your Triggers
  • Change is Hard

Understanding Other People Module 2 Behaviors and DISC

The DISC behavioral tool is popular for understanding both self and others in the workplace as well as in our personal lives. The DISC has been around for several decades and is a strongly valid tool across cultures. This module will discuss each scale of the DISC as well as how high and low scorers respond to others and interact in the workplace.

Introducing the DISC Model

  • The D Scale - Handling Problems
  • The I Scale - Influence and Interactions
  • The S Scale – A Steady Pace
  • The C Scales – All About Rules

Understanding Other People Module 3 Values and Assumptions

While our behavior can be observed by others, are values are the why behind each and every behavior. Values help show the world what is important and come into play in our daily decisions. Assumptions, like values, can be less obvious in our interactions, but are just as important. We need to be willing to recognize the assumptions present in our communication and interactions with others. This module will discuss the secrets of values and assumptions in understanding others. We will look at the core values held and how their order matters as well as how to see through assumptions to get to more complete understanding of each other.

  • What Are the Six Core Values?
  • Values in the Filter
  • Letting Others In
  • Don’t Assume
  • Help Me to Understand You

Understanding Other People Module 4 I’m Okay, You’re Not Okay

This module will discuss the final secret to understanding yourself and others. Secret number five focuses on our belief that others are wrong and we are right in our interactions. Putting all the previous secrets together helps to shed light on this final secret; we seek ourselves in others but then also see the faults we see in ourselves in others.

  • You’re Reflecting Back – Me!
  • You Can’t Change Anyone Else
  • Interested Observer
  • Confronting Thoughtfully
  • Stepping Outside the Theatre

After completing the Understanding Other People course

After completing the Understanding Other People coursecourse, you should be able to:

  • Define the five secrets to understanding others
  • Recognize how personal triggers impact relationships with others
  • Identify how behavioral styles and values can interfere with understanding others
  • Recognize the role of assumptions in communication
  • Identify the methods of utilizing the five secrets to change your current relationships

Course duration

The Understanding Other People course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.