Keyboarding Made Easy Course


Leave hunt-and-peck to the chickens. Effective and efficient keyboarding is more than tapping the correct letter. Our course teaches you to react to letters instead of finding them on the keyboard. This breakthrough guide brims with step-by-step exercises for keyboarding with ease. Develop your digital dexterity with our Keyboarding Basics course.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Keyboarding Made Easy course content

The Keyboarding Made Easy course consists of 4 modules:

Keyboarding Made Easy Module 1 Basic Keyboard Positions

In module one, we will begin with becoming familiar with the keyboard layout. We will explore letters JFKD, the Space Bar, the Enter key, letters HGIE, letters LSA and Semicolon, letters URYT, and letters NVBMC. Also included in module one is proper hand positioning.

  • Preparing to Keyboard
  • Learning the Keyboard
  • Naming Your Fingers
  • Home Row
  • Position of Hands

Keyboarding Made Easy Module 2 Special Characters and Letter Combinations

Module two looks at corrective and improvement techniques in keyboarding. Also included is using special character keys and keying letter combinations.

  • Using the Shift Keys
  • Corrective and Improvement Techniques
  • Calculating Errors
  • Keying Letter Combinations
  • AutoBlend Prefixes

Keyboarding Made Easy Module 3 Alignment and Calculations

After looking at aligning text and proper positioning using tabs, module three will take us through different styles of text. Also included in module three is the number row and special characters included on the number keys. Once you are familiar with the keys, we can start working on our words per minute!

  • Text Alignment
  • Positioning Text Using Tabs
  • Using Text Styles
  • AutoBlend Suffixes
  • Calculating WPM

Keyboarding Made Easy Module 4 Putting the Strokes Together

After becoming familiar with the numeric keypad, module four will discuss how to write and format personal and business letters. Also included in this module is using electronic communication and creating newsletters.

  • Using the Numeric Keypad
  • Writing and Formatting a Personal Letter
  • Writing and Formatting a Business Letter
  • Fax Cover Sheets
  • Creating a Newsletter

After completing the Keyboarding Made Easy course

After completing the Keyboarding Made Easy course, you should be able to:

  • Know basic letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Know proper text alignment and justification
  • Recognize and avoid common keyboarding errors
  • Identify all pieces of the keypad
  • Know how to use electronic communication

Course duration

The Keyboarding Made Easy course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.