Grant Writing 101 Course

Grant Writing

Grant Writing is at the heart of the nonprofit world, and Grant Writers remain in high demand. Philanthropy has remained strong in the United States. From large funders such as Bill and Melinda Gates to small funders, Grant Writers seek to secure funds for individuals. The Grant Writer provides a crucial connection between the person seeking grants and funders. Our course will allow students to gain a full understanding of grant writing from identifying potential grant seekers needing someone to write their grants to finding funders and building your own grant writing business. Basic grant writing is a critical skill for anyone seeking a position in a nonprofit organization or as a freelance grant writer. This course will provide our students with skills they can put to use immediately in their current grant writing position or to build a new career.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Grant Writing 101 course content

The Grant Writing 101 course consists of 4 modules:

Grant Writing 101 Module 1 Grant Funding

Grants are used by a variety of organizations and individuals, with funding ranging from small amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Finding funders and the grants available are both important parts of understanding grant funding. This module will address grant writing as a career path and include an in-depth look at who uses grants as well as potential funders.

  • The Traits of a Grant Writer
  • Characteristics of a Career in Grant Writing
  • The Difference Between Grant Writing and Fundraising
  • Differentiating Between Types of Funders
  • Finding a Grant

Grant Writing 101 Module 2 The Grant Proposal

One of the key skills for any grant writer lies in understanding the guidelines of the funder and in crafting the grant proposal. Writing a grant proposal is a craft that includes stages and steps to both identifying the guidelines and writing the initial proposal for the funder. This is a crucial step for any successful grant writer and will be the focus of this module.

  • General Guidelines for Writing Grants
  • Stages for Writing a Grant Proposal
  • How to be Persuasive in Your Grant Writing
  • The Elements to Support Your Grant Proposal
  • How to Submit Your Grant

Grant Writing 101 Module 3 Building a Grant Writing Business

Knowing how to approach others to seek out grants and funding is an important skill for anyone considering a career in grant writing. Not only is general writing skills a necessity, there are also particular techniques important to the grant writing industry. This module will help you build effective grant writing techniques, manage a grant and funds, and turn your grant writing skills into a profitable business.

  • Building a New Business
  • How to Write Effectively for Grants
  • Using Grant Funds Ethically
  • How to Effectively Manage Your Grant
  • How to Build a Grant Writing Business Start Up

Grant Writing 101 Module 4 Working as a Grant Writer

There are many diverse career opportunities in grant writing. The grant writing industry often changes to meet the needs and availability of funders. Understanding and working with the changing trends in grant writing is vital to your success in this profession. This module will discuss the diverse nature of grant writing careers, current trends in grant writing, and tips for success.

  • Career Opportunities in Grant Writing
  • Taking Your Grant Writing Career to the Next Step
  • Selecting Topics and Focusing Your Idea
  • Six Grant Writing Myths
  • Technical Tips for Grant Writers

After competing the Grant Writing 101 course

After completing the Grant Writing 101 course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the benefits and risks of a grant writing career
  • Name the primary sectors requiring grant writers and types of funders
  • Identify how to find funders
  • Define the stages of a successful grant proposal and effective writing techniques
  • Name the key steps to starting a grant writing business and working in the industry

Course duration

The Grant Writing 101 course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.