Fundraising for Nonprofits Course


There is no one-size-fits-all method of organizational development or fundraising, either. Every nonprofit organization has a unique mission and strategy for supporting that mission. Our Fundraising for Nonprofits course will show you how to get to the next level and help answer that seminal question for yourselves, your donors, your constituents, your boards of directors, your communities, and most importantly, your clients. Once you have implemented the ideas and tactics outlined, you will never again ask, “How do we get to the next level?”

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Fundraising for Nonprofits course content

The Fundraising for Nonprofits course consists of 4 modules:

Fundraising for Nonprofits Module 1 What Getting to the Next Level Really Means

This week we will define organizational culture and look at how to determine whether a nonprofit's organization is dependent on a dominant source of revenue or multiple revenue streams, the extent to which it is inwardly or outwardly focused, and the capacity of an organization to revisit its fundamental assumptions. Also included in module one is an examination of the importance of good fellowship, what a fundraising leader does, and an overview of practical ways to apply the lessons of leadership to fundraising. Finally included in the first week is a look at why the relationship between the board and its executive is so critical, how to identify and add to the core strengths of the board, determine your organization's appropriate revenue diversification and asking the necessary questions regarding your organizations sustainability.

  • Why Organizational Culture is Critical
  • Leadership From the Belly Outward
  • Tuning Up the Board For Effective Fundraising Performance
  • Higher-Level Thinking for Greater Fundraising Performance

Fundraising for Nonprofits Module 2 Building a Donor Constituency and Planning Gatherings and Gifts

Module two looks at how and where to uncover prospective donors. Also included this week is an examination of the five steps to donor engagement. Module two will also go through the steps of how to organize a parlor gathering and the types of questions, preparation, and rehearsal to plan for. This week will culminate with how to put together and carry out your challenge gift drive, challenge giving, and corporate matching gifts and how to increase them.

  • Building A Donor Constituency Where None Exists
  • Planning and Staging Cost-Effective Parlor Gatherings
  • Challenge Gift Drives and Corporate Matching Gifts

Fundraising for Nonprofits Module 3 Fundraising Relationship Through Councils and Various Relationships

Module three begins with taking you through a series of concrete steps to create and implement a powerful and reliable Year-End Drive at your organization. Also included in module three is an exploration of how to get started with social media and how to integrate social media into your existing fundraising methods. Culminating the week is an examination of what a leadership council does, the situations best served by a leadership council, and how to recruit and work with your leadership council.

  • Reaping the Bounty of Year-End Giving
  • Fundraising and Relationship Building Through Social Media
  • Forming Powerful Leadership Councils

Fundraising for Nonprofits Module 4 Approaches and Campaigns Leading Towards Advancement
In module four we will take a look at a mathematical formula used to evaluate sponsorship proposals, examine ways that your organization can get in on corporate largesse through the prism of two corporate partnering case studies: one on a national level, the other one local. Also included in module four is a study of planning in order to produce your own successful campaigns. Planning and executing a campaign is no walk in the park, but given the changing times that nonprofits are facing, major campaigns often make the difference between a future of survival and prosperity, as opposed to one of loss and stagnation. Finally, we will look at how to create and market your planned giving program and how to mitigate the costs of your program.

  • Making a New Approach to Corporate Sponsorships
  • Major Fundraising Campaigns: The Moral Equivalent of War
  • Creating or Advancing Your Planned Giving Program

After completing Fundraising for Nonprofits course

After completing the Fundraising for Nonprofits course, you should be able to:

  • Gain an understanding what getting to the next level in nonprofit fundraising really means
  • Explore the benefits of building a donor constituency and planning gatherings and gifts
  • Study the fundraising relationship through councils and various strategic relationships
  • Explore approaches and campaigns to advance your program

Course duration

The Fundraising for Nonprofits course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.