Customer Service Survival Skills Course

Customer Service

In our Customer Service Survival Skills course, students will learn how to get to the heart of customer service; a challenging but not impossible achievement. Customers expect quality service and in return will provide loyalty. Businesses today understand that customer service loyalty contributes to the success and growth of a business. This is why it is important understand the importance in learning, developing and improving the skills needed to communicate effectively in a professional manor with customers.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Customer Service Survival Skills course content

The Customer Service Survival Skills course consists of 4 modules:

Customer Service Survival Skills Module 1 Understanding the Worst Case Scenarios

In this section, you will learn why you should be open to exploring worst case customer service scenarios. In addition to benefiting from understanding the worst case, you will learn tools for defusing crises in customer service.

  • Understanding the Moment
  • Leaning into Criticism
  • Achieving Deep Acknowledgment
  • Cultural Intelligence vs Other Intercultural Approaches
  • Safe Way to Deliver Bad News

Customer Service Survival Skills Module 2 Problem Solving and Putting into Action

During a customer service crisis, it important to choose communication styles that are the most effective for the situation. This section will help to identify techniques and actions that will lead to the effective management of any customer service crisis.

  • Powerful Problem Solving
  • Reframing Your Message
  • Grounding an Angry Outburst
  • Immune to Intimidation
  • Wrap-Up

Customer Service Survival Skills Module 3 Your Worst Customer Situations

In customer service with a customer crisis, it can sometimes feel like no matter what you say, it is your fault. This module will focus on identifying how to respond when a customer is in crisis and unresponsive to your attempts at meeting his or her service needs.

  • You’re the Boss
  • Don’t You Know Who I am?
  • The Concert that Never Was
  • I’ll Be Suing You
  • Quelling a Social Media Firestorm

Customer Service Survival Skills Module 4 Framing Your Response for a Resolution

In order to provide excellent customer service, it is important to be comfortable with the customer's as well as your own frustration. This module will provide you with some tools to successfully deal with customer frustrations and how to navigate the depth of those frustrations to provide outstanding customer service.

  • Just Plain Terrible
  • Anger Management
  • Not So Smart
  • When Talking is Not Enough
  • Customer Crisis to Excellence

After completing the Customer Service Survival Skills course

After completing the Customer Service Survival Skills course, you should be able to:

  • Define quality customer service
  • Recognize the trigger words or phrases that can affect good customer service
  • Identify how to use the right words to diffuse various customer service situations
  • Identify effective problem solving tools to communicate with customers
  • Recognize the challenges involved in addressing the emotional needs of customers

Course duration

The Customer Service Survival Skills course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.