Business Coaching Course

Coaching Business

The coaching profession continues to evolve as a skill set and communication form that can be applied to many situations at work and in life. With the coaching profession on the rise it is important that coaches are trained in the most up-to-date methods of coaching their clients. This course uses the Co-Active Coaching Model to help you develop your skills in communication, relationships, and coaching to achieve transformational change in others. Our course is based on humanistic and transpersonal psychological principles. You will discover the skills and tools you need to create an ideal coaching environment to bring fulfillment and balance to those you coach.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Business Coaching course content

The Business Coaching course consists of 4 modules:

Business Coaching: Transforming Business and Personal Lives Module 1 The Fundamentals of Co-Active Coaching

Module one will take a look at the fundamentals of co-active coaching and each of its four cornerstones. We will look at the relationship between the coach and the client and how we, as coaches can guide skillful communication while coaching.

  • Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals
  • The Four Cornerstones of Coaching
  • The Co-Active Coaching Model
  • The Co-Active Coaching Relationship
  • The Listening Coach

Business Coaching: Transforming Business and Personal Lives Module 2 Co-Active Coaching Contexts

What is intuitive intelligence? Module two will take a look at your intuition and how to know when it is time to intrude. We will also take a look at different ways to ask questions and the difference between “dumb” and powerful questions. Additionally, module two will look at you can use rewards and consequences in coaching and how to use self-management during a coaching session.

  • Using Your Intuition
  • The Value of Curiosity
  • Forward and Deepen
  • Self-Management
  • Forbidden Territory

Business Coaching: Transforming Business and Personal Lives Module 3 Co-Active Coaching Principles and Practices

In module three we will take a look at the Wheel of Fulfillment and how the Gremlin and fulfillment work together. We will also look at what causes clients to feel like “enough is enough” in life and how we can use the seven steps to balance to help them put life into perspective. Module three will also take a look at the client process and how the coach and client work together.

  • The Wheel of Fulfillment
  • Client Balance
  • Enough is Enough
  • Client Process
  • Process Coaching

Business Coaching: Transforming Business and Personal Lives Module 4 Putting It All Together

Module four will examine the coaching business and how to make it a profession. Included in this final module will be a close look at the ethics and standards to follow for your business. We will look at the materials that many coaches use and which works best for each coach/client. Finally, module four will look at the type of coaching you will focus on and exercises you will use in your sessions.

  • Tips and Traps
  • Structuring the Coaching Business
  • Ethics and Standards
  • Personal Coaching vs. Corporate Coaching
  • Visualization Exercises

After completing the Business Coaching course

After completing the Business Coaching course you will:

  • Recognize the Co-Active coaching fundamentals
  • Identify how to obtain the active listening skills required to responding to your clients’ needs
  • Outline the stages of self-sabotage
  • Define skillful communication
  • Recall tips and tricks to help with your coaching practice

Course duration

The Business Coaching course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.