Better Intercultural Communication Course

Intercultural Communication

Living in a very diverse world, organizations recognize the importance to be equipped to perform successfully in a challenging and competitive work environment through leading with cultural intelligence. This course will take you through the steps involved in developing cultural intelligence and to develop an understanding of the importance of maintaining cultural intelligence in professional relationships.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Better Intercultural Communication course content

The Better Intercultural Communication course consists of 4 modules:

Intercultural Communication Module 1 Introduction to Cultural Intelligence

In module one, you will discover the importance of cultural intelligence in leadership. Intercultural communication or cross cultural communication is important because it helps us understand other cultures. Module one will help students understand this concept in order to be equipped to perform successfully in a competitive work environment.

  • Understanding Cultural Intelligence
  • 4 Step Cycle of Cultural Intelligence
  • Importance of Cultural Intelligence in Leadership
  • Cultural Intelligence vs Other Intercultural Approaches
  • Maintaining Competitive Growth

Intercultural Communication Module 2 4 Dimensional Models of Cultural Intelligence

Module two highlights the four dimensional models of cultural intelligence. All four dimensions are essential in order to gain the benefits of CQ. Students will explore how culture is shaping life and to what degree they can sit it and how they can adapt accordingly.

  • Knowing 4 Dimensional Model of Cultural Intelligence
  • Dimensional Model-Motivation
  • Dimensional Model-Knowledge
  • Dimensional Model-Strategy
  • Dimensional Model-Action

Intercultural Communication Module 3 Cultural Intelligence

Diversity is not a trend. Foreign cultures surround us in schools, business, and socially. Module three will take a look at how the acceptance of diversity will make a difference in one’s business interactions with people of different cultures. Additionally, module three will take a look at how we should use strategy and the dimensions of cultural intelligence.

  • What Is Your Motivation
  • Understanding What You Need To Know
  • Digging Deeper Knowledge
  • Time To Strategize
  • Dimensions of Cultural Intelligence

Intercultural Communication Module 4 Applying What is Known About Cultural Intelligence

Module four will take a look at how to adjust your behaviors, to include patience and courtesy, when working across cultures. Also included is advice in how to develop your team and strategies to help you be successful in the workplace while working with other cultures.

  • Taking Action: Adjusting Your Behaviors
  • Understanding The Full Cycle of Cultural Intelligence
  • Developing Your Cultural Intelligence
  • Start Developing Your Team
  • Developing Cultural Intelligence Strategies

After completing the Better Intercultural Communication course

After completing the Better Intercultural Communication course, you should be able to:

  • Define intercultural intelligence
  • Recognize the dimensional models of cultural intelligence
  • Identify various intercultural approaches
  • Identify the full cycle of cultural intelligence
  • Identify the process of developing cultural intelligence strategies

Course duration

The Better Intercultural Communication course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.