Become a Multiplying Manager Course

Multiplying Manager

There are leaders who inspire and motivate employees to reach beyond their wildest expectations. Multiplying Managers are those who get more done with fewer resources, develop and cultivate new talent and ideas and bring the energy necessary to lead to organizational change, growth and the fostering of innovation.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Become a Multiplying Manager course content

The Become a Multiplying Manager course consists of 4 modules:

Become a Multiplying Manager Module 1 The Multiplier Effect

When going into management, it is important to know not only how you want to manage, but how you don’t want to manage others as well. Module 1 introduces the Multiplier effect and talks about the different types of managers individuals encounter in the workforce. We will also compare the Multiplier to the Diminisher and the Cycle of Attraction.

  • What is the Multiplier Effect?
  • Questioning Genius
  • The Logic of Addition
  • The Talent Management
  • The Cycle of Attraction

Become a Multiplying Manager Module 2 The Liberator & The Challenger

Module 2 takes an in-depth look at 2 different types of managers: the liberator and the challenger. In all work environments, there are always different types of employees and managers to deal with and this module takes all personalities into account and discusses how to deal with them effectively and professionally.

  • A Liberating Force
  • Operate Consistently
  • Tyrant Versus The Liberator
  • Rapid Learning Cycles
  • A Hybrid Environment

Become a Multiplying Manager Module 3 The Debate Maker and The Investor

When managing others, it is important to pull the best ideas out of employees without trying to control every move they make or decision they face. This module discusses the debate maker versus the decision maker. Finally, we will look at how to invest in your team rather than micromanaging them.

  • The Debate Maker
  • The Decision Maker Versus the Debate Maker
  • The 3 Practices of the Debate Maker
  • The Micromanager Versus the Investor
  • The 3 Practices of the Investor

Become a Multiplying Manager Module 4 Becoming a Multiplier

Module 4 will take a deeper look at the Diminisher and show you how to become a multiplier in your management style. Also, tools for self-assessment are available so you can resolve to become a multiplier and sustain the momentum once you reach your achieved goals as a manager.

  • Confessions of a Diminisher
  • Resolve to be a Multiplier
  • Stuck Underneath a Diminisher
  • The Accelerators
  • Sustaining Momentum

After completing the Become a Multiplying Manager course

At the completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Define the multiplier effect
  • Identify the two different types of management - multipliers and diminishers
  • Define the five disciplines that distinguish multipliers from diminishers
  • Identify traits within each of the five disciplines
  • Define ways to foster your talents as a multiplying manager

Course duration

The Become a Multiplying Manager course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.