Sexual Health Awareness Training Course

Sexual Health Awareness

In 2013, there were approximately 450,000 diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) made in England. This course enables you to expand your knowledge of sexual health issues. It is a great way to increase knowledge if you are looking into a career in this field of work, or just to increase awareness of different types of STIs, relationships and human reproduction.

This short, auto-marked programme will give you the knowledge you need to understand the impact and key issues surrounding sexual health.

Sexual Health Awareness course content

This course is split into manageable sections. These are:

Section 1: Relationships

Increase your knowledge about the difference between friendships, relationships, intimacy and the legal age for intimacy. You will also explore the reasons why people may enter into close relationships, linking this to basic human needs.

Section 2: Sexually transmitted infections

Study different types of STIs, how they are transmitted, and their symptoms. Also explore the effects of untreated chlamydia, HIV and AIDS.

Section 3: Human reproduction

Learn about the anatomy of sexual health awareness. You will learn about the male and female reproductive organs, as well as the process of menstruation.

Section 4: Contraception

You will look into the different methods of contraception, their advantages and disadvantages, and where they can be obtained from.

Section 5: The Media

Learn about the portrayal of sex in the media and how society responds. Contemplate how society and the media need to change in order to progress the state of sexual health awareness in our modern day society.

Who is the Sexual Health course aimed at?

This course is aimed at people keen to develop their knowledge of sexual health, the risks involved in sex, STIs and STDs. This may include teachers, sex ed workers, young workers, parents and other people keen to educate others about sex.

What kind of Sexual Health Awareness training courses are available?

The Sexual Health Awareness course delivered by The Skills Network is 100% online based.

Course duration

This course runs for approximately 3 to 4 hours.

After completing the Sexual Health Awareness course

Graduates of this course will build their confidence and knowledge and the key issue involved in sexual health. The Sexual Health Awareness course is a great addition to your CV and shows your commitment to health and care.

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