Level 2 in End of Life Care Training Course

End of Life

This qualification will help learners identify, develop and formally recognise their knowledge and skills surrounding the care of patients, friends and families during this sensitive time of life. It will also enable learners to progress to other qualifications within this subject area, or surrounding the wider area of health and social care.

It will provide them with knowledge and understanding of end of life care to support their role. The course may also be suitable for anyone who is caring for a loved one during their final stages of life. The course is completed using paper-based books with online assessments. Your knowledge will be assessed through a series of short answer questions with no examinations.

Level 2 End of Life Care course content

This course is split into manageable units. These are:

Unit 1: Understand how to work in end of life care

This unit helps the learner understand different attitudes to death and dying, the aims of and approaches to end of life care and the support services available.

Unit 2: Understand how to provide support to manage pain and discomfort

This unit covers the knowledge and skills needed in order to provide support for managing pain and discomfort, this includes how to minimise pain and the approaches to managing pain.

Unit 3: End of life care and dementia

Learners will gain an awareness of the impact dementia can have on an individual’s end of life care and will learn how to support those individuals and their family and friends.

Unit 4: Understanding the role of the care worker in time of death

This unit explores the role of a care worker around the time of death of an individual, including how to support an individual, how to care for a deceased individual and legislation around this.

Unit 5: Understand loss and grief in end of life care

Learners will look at the process of loss and grief, and will gain an understanding of how to support people following bereavement and how to manage their own feelings of loss and grief.

Who is the Level 2 End of Life Care course aimed at?

The Level 2 End of Life Care course is ideal for anyone who is already working in or intending to work in the healthcare or social care sector.

This course is aimed at anyone who has a reasonable standard of basic education is suitable for this course. The learning resources are all written in simple everyday language with no jargon and all in a logical structure, making the information easy to process and understand.

What kind of Level 2 End of Life Care courses are available?

The Skills Network offer this course as a part paper distance learning course and part online course, with assessments sat online.

Course duration

The length of this course is between 10 and 16 weeks

After completing the Level 2 End of Life Care course

Graduates of this course will qualify with the skills to better come to terms with death in their own family as well as being abe to advise others who are going through the grief process when loved ones fall terminally ill or die.

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