Level 2 in Stewarding at Spectator Events Training Course


This course will provide learners with an introduction to the role of a steward at spectator events. Learners will develop knowledge and understanding of the key concepts which underpin spectator control, monitoring crowds, controlling spectator movement, communication, teamwork and health and safety.

Level 2 in Stewarding at Spectator Events course content

This course is split into manageable units. These are:

  • Unit 1: How stewards control the entry, exit and movement of spectators at events
  • Unit 2: How stewards monitor crowds and respond to potential crowd problems at spectator events
  • Unit 3: How stewards prepare for spectator events
  • Unit 4: How to respond to injuries, illnesses and other emergencies in active leisure and learning
  • Unit 5: Understand how effective teams work
  • Unit 6: Health and safety in a work environment
  • Unit 7: Fire safety principles
  • Unit 8: Safeguarding children and vulnerable people at spectator events

Who is the Level 2 in Stewarding at Spectator Events course aimed at?

This course is aimed at people interested in supervising large crowds at spector events like football matches, sports events, gigs, large concerts and other organised events with large crowds. People interested may come from a health and safety or security background but all are welcome.

A reasonable standard of English is expected as all course material and assessments will be in English.

What kind of Level 2 in Stewarding at Spectator Events courses are available?

The Skills Network offer a nationally-recognised course (NCFE) that is 100% online based.

Course Duration

The duration of this course is 10 - 16 weeks.

After completing the Level 2 in Stewarding at Spectator Events course

Graduates of this course will be competent in all areas of crowd control, safety and basic first aid. This will allow them to apply for spector events at football matches, concerts and other organised / event large crowd gatherings. Alternatively, the skills learnt on this course will stand graduates in good stead to apply for roles within organisations where teamwork, health and safety and safeguarding children or vulernable people are included.

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