Level 1 in Exercise Studies Training Course

Exercise Studies

Regular physical activity helps reduce stress levels, improve sleep patterns, increase life quality and expectancy, and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer. You can complete this course on our interactive online learning platform, EQUAL, where your knowledge will be assessed through a series of short answer questions with no examinations.

Level 1 in Exercise Studies course content

This course is split into manageable units. These are:

  • Unit 1: Understand the principles of exercise and fitness This unit looks at what fitness is, how it is achieved and the importance of correct diet and nutrition. Learners will look at health and fitness, different food groups and the components of a balanced diet. The effects of exercise on different body systems are also covered in this unit.
  • Unit 2: Demonstrate an understanding of safety factors relating to exercise This unit covers the elements of planning a safe exercise session and explains how to select appropriate clothing and equipment for certain exercise activities. Information about risk assessments and how to avoid injury is also explained.
  • Unit 3: Apply the principles of a training programme This unit explains how to plan and evaluate a personal fitness profile and a personal training programme. Learners will understand how to re-evaluate their fitness levels and plan future exercise sessions by applying specific principles.

Who is the Level 1 in Exercise Studies course aimed at?

This qualification is ideal for anyone with any level of sports ability, who is interested in their own personal health and well-being, improving their performance, enhancing their personal development and gaining an understanding of the benefits of exercise and fitness.

What kind of Level 1 in Exercise Studies traing courses are available?

The Level 1 in Exercise Studies course run by The Skills Network is 100% online based.

Level 1 in Exercise Studies course duration

This course typically takes between 10 and 16 weeks to complete.

After completing the Level 1 in Exercise Studies course

Not only will students on this course be more aware of their own health and be able to put their new found knowledge of exercise to personal use, gaining a Level 1 in Exercise Studies means that graduates will be able to more onto Level 2 and Level 3 courses. These courses can include Exercise to Music, fitness instructing, personal training and ultimately a career in health and fitness.

Visit our training course directory and find out more details about enrolling onto the Level 1 in Exercise Studies online courses available with leading fitness course providers.