Level 2 in Equality and Diversity Training Courses


Every year there are approximately 270,000 incidents of ‘hate crime’ in the UK. These are crimes that usually involve violence and are committed against someone because of their disability, race, sexual orientation, religion or other type of prejudice. This course will strengthen the learners knowledge on the best practice and make them more socially aware.

Subjects that are covered in the course include personal and social identities, beliefs, values, stereotyping and labelling, prejudice and discrimination. This course is completed using paper-based books with online assessments.

Your knowledge will be assessed through a series of short answer questions with no examinations.

Level 2 in Equality and Diversity course content

This course is split into manageable units. These are:

Part A: Choose from either Unit 1 or Unit 2 Unit 1: Exploring equality and diversity

This unit explores the key definitions and concepts associated with equality and diversity, including stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. Unit 2: Exploring how peoples’ rights are responsibilities are protected at work This unit looks at the protection of rights in the workplace and the misconceptions that can underpin both prejudice and discrimination.

Part B: Choose from either Unit 3 or Unit 4 Unit 3: Working or learning in a place that promotes diversity

Learners will look at creating a diverse working and learning environment and the value of maintaining and protecting a diverse environment. Unit 4: Living in diverse communities Learners will evaluate their own community and consider the nature and extent of the diversity around them by looking at how diversity enriches community life.

Who is the Level 2 in Equality and Diversity course aimed at?

The Level 2 in Equality and Diversity course will strengthen the learners knowledge on the best practice both in and outside of a working environment and make them more socially aware.

The course who has a reasonable standard of basic education is suitable for this course. The course material are all written in simple everyday language with no jargon and all in a logical structure, making the information easy to process and understand.

What kind of Level 2 in Equality and Diversity courses are available?

The Skills Network offer this course as a part paper and part online course, with assessments being online.

Course duraction

Students on this course will graduate after 10 to 16 weeks.

After completing the Level 2 in Eqaulity and Diversity course

Graduates of this course can add the qualification to their CV. It may also mean that added responsibility at work may include running equality and diversity workshops. Students completing the course will also be able to appreciate the diversity of the UK and feel like they can contribute ideas to thei local community in how best to be inclusive.

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