Wordpress Part 2 Training Courses

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With WordPress, you can create brilliant, highly customizable websites and blogs with just a few clicks. Thousands of plugins and a personal publishing system provide everything you need to create stunning webpages. Our WordPress course provides you with basic knowledge of how the software is structured, how to organize your webpage or blog as well as themes for creating the perfect look and feel for your content.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Wordpress Part 2 course content

The Wordpress Part 2 course consists of 4 modules:

WordPress Part II Module 1 Chapters 9 - 10 Media Management

Module one discusses the enormous benefits of adding visuals – images and video to your blog posts to call attention to your content. By adding media to your posts, you will engage your readers and enhance the overall look and feel of your blog. This module also covers the basics of finding, downloading and installing plugins.

  • Uploading Audio Files
  • WordPress Media Library
  • Adding Images to Blog Posts
  • Finding, Downloading and Unpacking Plugin Files
  • Uploading, Installing and Managing Plugins

WordPress Part II Module 2 Chapters 11 - 12 WordPress Themes and Templates

Module two focuses on themes and templates in WordPress. There are all types of themes – free, commercial and themes for specific blog purposes. We will take a look at unsafe themes also, which are developed by people who want to take advantage of blogs by using spam links or a malicious code.

  • Safe and Unsafe WordPress Themes
  • Downloading, Installing and Activity Themes
  • Basic Blog Structure
  • Common Template Tags
  • Required Templates

WordPress Part II Module 3 Chapters 13 - 14 Plugins

Module three takes a look at tweaking themes to fully customize your blog. We will discuss CSS and its defining properties and values for adding plugins as well as setting a new background color, creating a header and customizing navigation menus. Finally, we will discuss specific plugins, their features and enhancements.

  • Basic CSS
  • Background Colors, Headers and Navigation Menus
  • HTML Essentials
  • Plugin Enhancements
  • Blog Plugins

WordPress Part II Module 4 Chapters 15 – Appendix Upgrading, Backing Up and Migrating

Module four introduces you to ten popular WordPress themes that are completely customizable, user friendly and compatible with widgets. We will also discuss procedures for upgrading WordPress, backing up the server database and transferring websites from one host to another. Finally, steps for upgrading the Dashboard notifications will be shown.

  • Finding WordPress Themes
  • Theme Styles for Your Blog
  • Database Upgrading
  • Moving WordPress From a Different Platform
  • Host Transfers

After completing the Wordpress Part 2 course

After completing the Wordpress Part 2 course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the basics of setting up a WordPress blog or website
  • Define ways to customize a blog or website
  • List the features plugins and themes provide
  • Recognize how to navigate the WordPress Dashboard
  • Define how to upgrade, back up and migrate information

Course duration

The Wordpress Part 2 course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.