Wordpress Part 1 Training Courses

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With WordPress, you can create brilliant, highly customizable websites and blogs with just a few clicks. Thousands of plugins and a personal publishing system provide everything you need to create stunning webpages. Our WordPress course provides you with basic knowledge of how the software is structured, how to organize your webpage or blog as well as themes for creating the perfect look and feel for your content.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Wordpress Part 1 course content

The Wordpress Part 1 course consists of 4 modules:

WordPress Part I Module 1 Chapters 1 - 2 WordPress Basics

Module one provides the beginner with an introduction to the WordPress platform, an overview of the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com and hosting capabilities. WordPress gives the user the ability to interact with readers several different ways and this module will show you how to create RSS feeds to enhance the readers’ experience when visiting your blog.

  • Choosing a WordPress Platform
  • Self-Hosting with WordPress
  • Blogging and Content Management Basics
  • Comments, Publishing and Archiving
  • Interacting with Readers

WordPress Part I Module 2 Chapters 3 - 4 Navigating WordPress

Module two introduces the navigation system called the WordPress Dashboard. By using the Dashboard, you can completely customize what is displayed on your blog or webpage. This module also covers creating and inserting images and videos into a post, as well as creating blog drafts and monitoring statistics.

  • Creating an Account
  • Using the WordPress Dashboard
  • Creating Drafts and Statistics
  • Inserting Media and Graphics
  • Publishing Public and Private Pages

WordPress Part I Module 3 Chapters 5 - 6 Themes, Widgets and Upgrades

Thousands of themes, widgets and WordPress features allow creative freedom and complete customization – module three introduces you to all of these. It also covers establishing proper domains and finding web hosting. Finally, techniques for manual installation of programs and brushing up on FTP are introduced.

  • Customizing the Look of your Blog
  • Changing the Background Color and Images
  • Navigation Menus and Mobile Display
  • Establishing Your Domain
  • Hosting, Bandwidth and Manual Installation

WordPress Part I Module 4 Chapters 7 – 8 WordPress Dashboard

The time has come to compose your first blog post! Module four covers the writing, reading, media and discussion settings for publishing a post correctly. You will also be able to identify appropriate techniques for implementing permalinks and creating new categories to organize posts. More features of the WordPress Dashboard will also be addressed.

  • Basics of WordPress Dashboard
  • Configuring Writing, Reading and Discussion Settings
  • Creating New Categories
  • Customizing Your Permalinks
  • Composing Your First Blog Post

After completing the Wordpress Part 1 course

After completing the Wordpress Part 1 course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the basics of setting up a WordPress blog or website
  • Define ways to customize a blog or website
  • List the features of plugins and themes
  • Recognize how to navigate the WordPress Dashboard
  • Define how to upgrade, back up and migrate information

Course duration

The Wordpress Part 1 course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.