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HTML and CSS are essential tools for creating great looking websites. HTML is the language used to create the website and CSS is the stylesheet used to control the look and feel of the website. By splitting out content from style you are able to make changes to your sites easily without having to go through each page.

HTML and CSS are used by Web developers throughout the world to build websites. HTML5 and CSS3 are the latest versions of these powerful languages and introduce many new features such as geolocation.

Who is the HTML5 and CSS course aimed at?

The HTML5 and CSS courses are aimed at the complete beginner right through to those who know HTML but want to take a course in the advanced features of HTML5 and CSS3.

You may be a freelancer wanted to set up as a web developer or currently a full time developer wanting to extend your knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of your industry.

So wether you are wanting to know how to write your first tag in HTML and how to create a stylesheet or are looking to create dynamic websites with geolocation, application caching and web storage there is a course for you.

HTML5 and CSS course content

HTML and CSS are essentially very simple languages and you will be coding up your first website very quickly. The courses are all designed to be hands on so you will learn as build sites that will gradually become more complex.

In the fundamentals course after learning the basics of the of HTML and CSS by introducing you to the syntax and structure of the languages you will be introduced in the latest version HTML5 and CSS3. The course will also address common mistakes and explains how to fix them, and will explore the more interesting HTML5 tools.

You will learn such things as:

  • Basic HTML syntax
  • Exploring an HTML Document
  • Formatting Page Content
  • Structuring Content
  • Creating Links
  • Creating ordered lists
  • Creating unordered lists
  • Styling with CSS
  • Adding Colour
  • Controlling Typography
  • Internal vs external style sheets
  • Inserting Images
  • Inserting Video
  • Responsive designs

In the advanced course you will cover such as topics as

  • Advance Responsive presentation
  • HTML5 Video
  • HTML5 API support
  • Geolocation
  • Webstorage
  • Websockets
  • Interactive Charts
  • Creating Surveys
  • Integrating Google Store Locator
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 to mobile app
  • and much more

What kind of HTML5 and CSS courses are available?

  • One day courses - Live Face to face - often a basics course
  • Evening Courses
  • Week day courses - usually full time four or five days
  • Weekend courses - usually one or more weekends
  • Residential courses - Live face to face training in a training provider facility
  • Distance Learning courses
  • Online training courses

After completing the HTML5 and CSS course

Learning HTML5 and CSS will open up a career in web development either as a freelancer or in a full time role with a company. Such jobs as front end developer, HTML5 developer, Front end software engineer are available. often after a course such as this students will take such courses as javascript, java and PHP to enhance their skill set further

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