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CIW provides courses for Web Technology professionals and has become the educational standard adopted by many academic institutions, governments and businesses worldwide for Web technology skills. CIW courses verify that you have the skills needed to work in your chosen area of web technology.

The Network infrastructure is like the roads in a city. They allow things to become connected. The network is literally the wires (and of course WiFi) that connect data centres to offices, computers in one country to another, mobile devices to a desktop computer. Any place where there is connectivity can be described as the network.

Who is the CIW Network Technology Associate course aimed at?

The network is fundamental to all of IT and this course can benefit anybody from those just wanting to start an IT career right through to experience IT professionals who have not had very much exposure to formally learning about the network.

Also many non-IT professionals can benefit from an understanding of the network. So for instance, a graphic artist would be able to gain an understanding of how the size of a graphic will have an effect on bandwidth and load and this would benefit him/her in their design work.

CIW Network Technology Associate course content

The CIW Network Technology Associate training course content includes:

  • Networking technologies and skills, including TCP/IP, stable network creation, wireless networking
  • Network components and protocols that enable users to share data quickly and easily
  • Types of transmission media
  • Packet creation and packet
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Basic hardware and operating system maintenance procedures
  • Mobile computing devices
  • Routing
  • IP addressing
  • IP address classes
  • Subnet masks
  • Network security
  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Firewalls
  • Network troubleshooting

What kind of CIW Network Technology Associate courses are available?

There are many ways to learn CIW Network Technology Associate to suit both your lifestyle and budget and your interests.

Many companies offer a wide variety of learning methods including:

  • One day courses - Live Face to face - often a basics course
  • Evening Courses
  • Week day courses - usually full time four or five days
  • Weekend courses - usually one or more weekends
  • Residential courses - Live face to face training in a training provider facility
  • Distance Learning courses
  • Online training courses

After completing the CIW Network Technology Associate course

You will have a qualification that will enable you to either begin to specialise in IT networks or use it as you develop your career in some other specialism whether it be development, security, IT administration or support.

Also it will give you a background in IT that is essential if you wish to become an IT Project Manager or are Business Analyst.

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