AutoCAD Map 3D Training Courses

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AutoCAD Map 3D mapping software is a model-based, infrastructure planning and management application providing broad access to CAD and GIS data.

AutoCAD Map 3D training courses explore and develop the features and functions of the AutoCAD Map 3D software, including how to create, manage, and map data. Regardless of their level of skill or experience, the training courses will help students to improve data quality, support productivity, and better manage infrastructure assets.

Who is the AutoCAD Map 3D course aimed at?

AutoCAD Map 3D training courses are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users and are ideal for those working within infrastructure design, planning, or management, with requirements to integrate CAD and GIS data as an aid to decision making.

AutoCAD Map 3D course content

AutoCAD Map 3D training courses teach everything from the basics of the software through to its more advanced features and functions, using lessons, demonstrations, and practical tasks.

Training courses cover elements such as:

  • AutoCAD Map 3D user interface
  • Creating and editing geometry
  • Linking and managing drawing-based attribute data
  • Using object classification
  • Importing and exporting drawing-based data
  • Establishing a geospatial environment
  • Editing features
  • Working with Raster images
  • Working with source drawings
  • Using source drawing queries
  • Stylising drawings and features
  • Plotting maps
  • Survey data
  • Industry models
  • Connect to and edit geospatial features

What kind of AutoCAD Map 3D courses are available?

There are a wide range of AutoCAD Map 3D courses available in a variety of formats. Types of courses include:

  • On-line training courses
  • Webcasts
  • In-house training courses
  • Bespoke training courses
  • Class room-based training courses
  • Weekday courses
  • Weekend courses

After completing the AutoCAD Map 3D course

After completing an AutoCAD Map 3D training course, you will be able to effectively navigate and utilise the software's many features and functions, allowing you to enhance and optimise your design, planning, and asset management activities.

Whether you're looking to progress to further education, improve your job prospects, or simply expand your working knowledge, a AutoCAD Map 3D course will be highly beneficial.

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