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Adobe Photoshop is considered by web-designers, graphic designers, print shop and photographers as the industry standard tool for image manipulation. It is the professionals choice of software and training and Photoshop will enhance your career options.

Photoshop is an extensive program and when you graduate from training you will have complete mastery of it and be able use the software with ease.

Who is the Adobe Photoshop course aimed at?

There are a variety of Photoshop courses aimed at people who are complete beginners right up to industry professional who wish to enhance their knowledge.

You might be a freelancer wishing to open up new revenue streams or wanting become a full time web designer. You might be a photographer wishing to automate your work stream to allow you to work faster and smarter. What ever area of creative work you are in, Photoshop will enhance your career opportunities and allow you to be even more creative.

So whether you wish to automate your workflow through actions, learn how to apply filters effectively, speed up the editing process, wireframe a new website or just save money not having to outsource work, Photoshop is for you.

Adobe Photoshop course content

For those at the complete start of their journey into Adobe Photoshop you will learn through practical hands on work how to use the basic tool set including:

  • Saving files
  • Using the file browser
  • Choosing colour
  • Colour correction
  • Correcting light and colour
  • Retouching and repairing images
  • Painting with brushes
  • Working with layers
  • Working with selections & mask
  • Automating tasks
  • Presenting images

For intermediate users your Photoshop knowledge will be extended and will include such tasks as:

  • Editing the histogram
  • Drawing and customising shapes
  • Creating depth, contour, and texture with layer effects
  • Customising a Levels adjustment
  • Making channel-by-channel Levels adjustments
  • Masks
  • Sharpening with the Smart Sharpen, Emboss, and High Pass filters
  • Working with vector-based type
  • Liquifying an image
  • Performing automatic retouch, scaling, and more with the Content-Aware tools
  • Adjusting print position, size, and colour
  • Creating the perfect JPEG image
  • Kerning and tracking characters
  • Creating text on a path

Advanced Photoshop students can expect to learn how to:

  • Add transitions, text, and sound to videos
  • Create an authentic HDR portrait shot
  • Manage and leveraging advanced layer options
  • Correct for camera shake with the Shake Reduction filter
  • Correct a panorama with the Adaptive Wide Angle filter
  • Record automatic actions and batch processing
  • Create professional-quality effects with expertly combined art filters
  • Create a dimensional watermark with lighting effects
  • Advanced use of filters like animate text with Puppet Warp

What kind of Adobe Photoshop courses are available?

There are many ways to learn photoshop to suit both your lifestyle and budget and your interests.

Many companies offer a wide variety of learning methods including:

  • One day courses - Live Face to face - often a basics course
  • Week day courses - usually full time four or five days
  • Weekend courses - usually one or more weekends
  • Residential courses - Live face to face training in a training provider facility
  • Distance Learning courses
  • Online training courses

After completing the Adobe Photoshop course

You will have enhanced your career options wether as a full time employee or freelancer. You will be able to be employed as a web designer, graphic designer or develop your career as a photographer. Also there are opportunities to be a UX/UI or a GUI designer if you train in other software like Illustrator, Azure and Sketch3.

Visit our training course directory and find out more details about enrolling onto Adobe Photoshop course with the UK's leading Adobe Photoshop training course providers.