Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 Training Course

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Understanding how to take a great photo is just part of the photography equation. Today you can still drop off your image files at the local drugstore and get photos back, but if you want to get great-looking images, you need to take control of the image processing side of the photography coin. To get the most from your efforts as a photographer, you need to learn how to finish the photo by using software tools like Adobe Photoshop Elements 13. In our Learn Photoshop Elements 13 course you will learn image processing as a three-step process: importing and organization, basic and advanced edits, and printing and sharing.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 training course content

The Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 training course consists of 4 modules:

Photoshop Elements 13 Module 1 Organizing and Editing Images & Managing Media

In Module 1, you will get started with basic image-editing. Through an examination of the Photo Editor workspace, you will explore the concepts of image size, resolution, color modes and the different file formats available in the program. Students will become familiar with the photo bin, guided mode, and the many editing options in the tools panel. By exploring the Organizer Interface, you will learn the best ways to store, search for and find your images. You'll also discover how to import images from various devices, use keyword tags, create albums and view photos in the new Slide Show option.

  • Getting to Know the Editing Work Areas
  • Working with Resolutions, Color Modes and File Formats
  • Navigating the Organizer Interface
  • Acquiring Your Images
  • Tagging Photos and Creating Albums
  • Viewing and Finding Your Images

Photoshop Elements 13 Module 2 Selecting & Correcting Photos

In Module 2, you will begin to edit the photos in the Elements Editor that you imported into the Organizer. You’ll start by learning the different selection tools available to you in the editor and then move on to using layers, the most widely used tool in Photoshop Elements. You’ll learn simple image enhancement techniques that make a big impact including correcting contrast, and adjusting color and clarity. You will also learn about latest additions to this version, including the cropping feature, content aware option, refined control and the preset for sharpening shadows and highlights.

  • Making and Modifying Selections
  • Working with Layers
  • Simple Image Makeovers
  • Correcting Contrast, Color and Clarity
  • Smart Brush Tools

Photoshop Elements 13 Module 3 Exploring Your Inner Artist

In Module 3, you will begin to explore your inner artist! As you learn advanced editing techniques, you can try out ways of adding artistic touches to create dazzling images. Learn how to apply filters, effects and styles to change the look of your image in a variety of ways. You'll discover how to draw and create art using a variety of digital “brushes” and application techniques in the Photo Editor. Topping off Topic 3, you will receive a typography primer and experiment with applying different effects and filters to text in your images.

  • Filters and Effects
  • Styles and More
  • Using Photomerge
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Working with Type

Photoshop Elements 13 Module 4 Printing, Creating, Sharing & Improving Your Photography

In Module 4, you’ll learn how to get your work off the hard drive and share your creativity with others. We will cover best practices in printing, from which paper to use to recommendations for what types of prints yield the best results. We will also discuss different sharing services and projects that you can make from your edited images. In addition you will also learn how to compose better photos in camera so that you can improve your images before you ever start editing them in the program.

  • Getting It On Paper
  • Sharing Your Work
  • Making Creations
  • Composing Better Photos
  • Project Ideas

After the Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 training course

After completing the Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 training course, you should be able to:

  • Recall how to organize, import digital images, and manage media
  • Identify how to select, correct and alter images using basic editing tools
  • Choose advanced editing techniques to add artistic touches
  • Recognize how to get your work off the hard drive and in the hands of others

Course duration

The Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 training course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.