Adobe Photoshop CS6 Training Course

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Our Adobe Photoshop CS6 course is perfect for Photoshop newcomers and for advanced learners who are upgrading from an earlier version of the software program. We will begin by learning to set up the software and how to import image files from a variety of sources. We will cover the most important features of Photoshop CS6 including retouching and repairing damaged photos, enhancing your digital images, and adding custom 3-D effects. Students will also learn how to edit images for the web, create an online photo gallery, and incorporate graphics into desktop publishing programs. We will also explore color management, using various palettes, compositing, using layers, applying gradients, setting type, and working with filters.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 training course content

The Adobe Photoshop CS6 training course consists of 4 modules:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Module 1 Getting Started with CS6 – Chapters 1-3

In the first module, we will begin by introducing students to the basic operations of Photoshop CS6 including working with images, starting the program on various operating systems (PC and Mac), creating a workspace, using Adobe Bridge, and opening, saving and exiting the Photoshop program. Next we will move on to Photoshop basics that include the toolbox, adjusting views, screen modes, rulers and guides, undo commands, reverting an image and managing image windows. Lastly, module one will cover changing the size of an image with explanations of how to change the on-screen size, print size, and print resolution, as well as how to crop an image.

  • Basic Operation of CS6
  • Photoshop Toolboxes
  • Views, Screen Modes, Rulers and Guides
  • Undo, Revert and Window Management
  • Resizing, Resolution and Cropping

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Module 2 Selections, Painting, Drawing, and Image Adjustments – Chapters 4-7

In the second module students will move on to learning more advanced edits in CS6 beginning with several topics covering making and manipulating selections. The “Making Selections” topic will teach students to how to use the Photoshop selection tools to isolate portions of images for editing and how to use different tools to select objects in your image or areas of similar color. The “Manipulating Selections” topic shows you how to move, stretch, erase, and manipulate your selections in a variety of ways. The next topic will focus on Chapter 6 where you will learn to add splashes, streaks, or solid areas of color to your image. The last topic of module two focuses on learning to fine-tune the colors in your image — darken them, lighten them, or remove them completely.

  • Making Selections
  • Manipulating Selections
  • Painting & Drawing with Color
  • Fine-Tuning Your Image
  • Stretch and Manipulate Selections

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Module 3 Layers, Filters and Shapes – Chapters 8-11

In module 3 students will learn to use layers, layer styles, filters and shapes to manipulate and enhance their images. Layers enable students to separate the elements in their images so that they can move and transform them independently of one another. After understanding the basics of using layers, you will learn to apply adjustment and special effect layers to further enhance your images. Once students finish learning to use layers they will quickly and easily apply enhancements to their images using Photoshop’s more than 100 filters, including artistic effects, texture effects, and distortions. The final topic of module 3 focuses on a tool that allows you to draw and edit geometric and abstract shapes.

  • Working with Layers
  • Applying Layer Styles
  • Applying Filters
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Textures and Distortions

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Module 4 Type, Automating Your Work, Saving and Printing – Chapters 12-14

In the last module of the course, students will learn to add and manipulate type, using and creating automated actions to make editing quick and easy, properly saving images for various formats and uses and how to best prepare their images for printing. The fourth module begins by introducing students to the Photoshop type tool and includes lessons in adding text, and controlling the appearance and layout. Next we will learn about Photoshop’s Actions – tools that automate repetitive tasks by automatically applying sequences of commands to many image files. The last several topics in the module revolve around preparing your finished images for saving, printing and display in various formats.

  • Adding Type
  • Manipulating Type
  • Automating Your Work
  • Saving Images
  • Printing Images

After the Adobe Photoshop CS6 training course

After completing the Adobe Photoshop CS6 training course, you should be able to:

  • Apply various editing tools and set up a workspace with Photoshop CS6
  • Define how to manipulate image size and resolution
  • Experiment with colors and textures to enhance your images
  • Apply layer styles and filters to add creative touches your photos
  • State how to edit images for the web, create and/or upload images to an online gallery

Course duration

The Adobe Photoshop CS6 training course is 24 hours long, taught over 4 weeks.