Six-Figure Personal Trainer Training Courses

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Six-Figure PT provide personal trainers with the business tools to build a six-figure personal training business. The Six-Figure PT model focusses on teaching personal trainers how to attract the wealthiest clients in their area aswell as providing them with the tools to add limitless passive income onto their businesses. Six-Figure PT wants personal trainers to enjoy the freedom, the income and the job satisfaction which come with running your own business.

How can Six-Figure Personal Training help personal trainers grow their business?

Six-Figure PT simply provides personal trainers with the tools and strategies to build a brand which suits your financial and lifestyle goals. As well as offering a mentoring programme for personal trainers around the UK, Six-Figure PT also run regular 'Business Building focus groups' for personal trainers who are passionate about moving their businesses forward towards financial freedom and success.

Six-Figure Personal Training Coaching Programme

The Six-Figure PT coaching modules include:

  1. Setting up your own business
  2. Effective goal setting
  3. Attracting the wealthiest clients in your area
  4. Cost effective marketing strategies
  5. Building your media profile
  6. Building your business beyond selling your time

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