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PT on the Net (PTN) allows qualified personal trainers the chance to extend their personal training knowledge via on-site workshops, online training courses, free online exams and through mailed DVDs. PT on the Net's mantra is centred around continual education for personal trainers throughout their career.

PT on the Net membership also offers personal trainers access to an extensive archive of fitness articles, research, videos, personal training resources and more, allowing personal trainers the chance to extend their knowledge and skills at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes.

PT on the Net CPD personal training courses

PT on the Net doesn't offer personal training courses per se, but rather they offer complementary courses, allowing qualified personal trainers to develop their skill-set and knowledge-base, either during live event workshops (which are staged all over the world) or via a mix of remote learning (DVD courses, books and CD-ROM) of online fitness training courses. Titles of such courses on offer to personal trainers include:

Live Events and Workshops

  • Posture Analysis and Correction Workshop
  • Studio Pilates International Matwork Course
  • Studio Pilates International Matwork Course

Recognsied PT on the Net courses

The following PT on the Net courses all carry Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) personal training CPD points, allowing personal tariners to renew their REPs membership.

  • Movement Preparation
  • ProPT Foundations: Exam
  • Circuit Series (CW)
  • Elevation Series Treadmill Workbook 2.0 (CW)
  • Elevation Series Upright And Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bikes 2.0 (CW)
  • Elliptical Cross-Trainers 2.0 (CW)
  • Flexability
  • Interactive Coaching For Success - Communication And Coaching
  • Interactive Coaching For Success - Exercise Library
  • Interactive Coaching For Success - Exercise Prescription For Weight Loss
  • Optima Series Strength (CW)
  • Pro2 Series Strength (CW)
  • ProPT Building Your Business: Exam
  • Signature Series Single Stations Workbook
  • Virtual Trainer 3.0 (CW)
  • Pre-made Programmes
  • Basic Nutrition For Sport And Exercise Performance Module 1 – Powered By FitPro
  • Basic Nutrition For Sport And Exercise Performance Module 2 - Powered By FitPro
  • Exam 22 - Functional Integrated Training
  • Exam 24 - Special Populations
  • Exam 25 - Periodization
  • Exam 26 - Flexibility Training
  • Exam 27 - Youth Training
  • Exam 28 - Core Training
  • Exam 29 – Functional Program Design
  • Exam 30 – Functional Flexibility
  • Exam 31 – Strength Training
  • Exam 32 - Female Training
  • Exam 33 - The Muscular System
  • Exam 34 - Client Relations & Business Management
  • Exam 35 – Exercise Program Design: Recovery, The Overlooked Variable
  • Exam 37 - Client Assessment, Biomechanics, And Metabolism
  • Exam39 - Lower Extremity Injury Prevention
  • Exam 38 - Practical Applications Of Explosive Lifting And Advanced Strength Training
  • Exam 41 - Principles Of Movement-Based Training
  • Exam 42 - Cardiovascular Training
  • Exam 43 - Fundamentals Of Balance
  • Exam 45 - Improving Foot And Gait Mechanics
  • Level 1: Fundamental Philosophies And Principles
  • Level 2: Systems & Strategies For Success
  • Level 3: Building Skills & Confidence
  • Level 4: Developing Leadership Skills
  • Level 5: Mastery Of Science & Practices
  • Level 6: Success Through Specialization
  • Movement Based Appraisal (MOVE)
  • Outbox Online
  • 90 Day Planner
  • Functional ABC
  • Steps To Success
  • Certificate In Health And Fitness Management

These types of course material and online exams are ideal for personal trainers wishing to continue their education after graduation.

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