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ViPR stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning and these elements are brought into play when exercising with the ViPR rubber resistance tubes. ViPR tubes come in a variety of weights, from 4 kg to 20 kg and participants in ViPR training can swing, throw, lift, fill, roll and carry the tubes to create a dynamic workout aimed at raising the heart rate, burning body fat and increasing muscle tone. VIPR tubes are versatile tools allowing participants to perform full body moves and full body workouts in a single session, making it the exercise of choice for busy people. ViPR tubes can be used just as effectively outdoors as well as indoors, making it an ideal piece of equipment for personal trainers and boot camp instructors.

ViPR is a great workout for people of all ages and sizes because resistance can be set and the moves can be developed or limited, depending on the exercise or the performer. Many gyms and health clubs now house ViPR equipment so attending a VIPR training course is an ideal way for an experienced fitness instructor, group exercise instructor to add an extra string to their fitness bow.

ViPR Certification training course content

ViPR Certification training courses are aimed at qualified Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) Level 2 fitness professionals and Level 3 personal trainers looking to increase their fitness armoury and offer their clients a fun and functional form of exercise training. As such the ViPR training course assumes that students have a solid knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as a good foundation of resistance training. This means that a VIPR Certified Trainer course allows students to focus on the key skills of ViPR, including:

  • ViPR fundamental principles
  • 6 steps to choosing an appropriate exercise
  • ViPR coaching model and coaching cues
  • Fundamental ViPR exercises with progression/regression
  • ViPR programme design and implementation

The VIPR Certified trainer course is typically run as a one-day workout that is not formally assessed. This means that after attending the course gym instructors and personal trainers will be free to train clients using ViPR techniques and exercises. ViPR Certification includes REPs CPD credits, allowing fitness professionals the chance to maintain their REPs membership status as well as build upon their current REPs level.

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