TRX and Suspension Training Courses

TRX and Suspension Training

TRX training and suspension training offers participants the chance to build co-ordination, strength. muscle tone and core stability using their own body weight. More gyms and health clubs are offering TRX suspension equipment and this offers the opportunity for gym instructors, personal trainers, group exercise instructors and other fitness professionals to train clients using challenging body weight exercises as well as resistance machines and free weights.

TRX and suspension training techniques offer participants functional strength as the body is worked using multi-directional movement, including rotational, diagonal and multi-planar moves, and typically one single movement using suspension equipment stresses a number of large muscle groups at the same time. TRX and suspension training is aimed at everyone, from world-class athletes to an overweight member of the general public. This makes suspension training courses attractive to personal trainers and gym instructors who wish to train a number of different clients using a single piece of equipment.

TRX and Suspension Training course content

TRX and Suspension Training courses are aimed at qualified Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) Level 2 Gym Instructors, Level 2 Group Exercise Instructors and REPs Level 3 Personal Trainers who would like to offer suspension training as part of their fitness training portfolio. Suspension training courses may differ from training provider to training provider but basic elements of each course will include:

  • The history of suspension training
  • Benefits of suspension training
  • Health and safety in suspension training
  • Exercise technique using suspension training
  • Progressive and regressive exercise technique variations
  • Programme design for suspended movement training
  • How to adjust resistance using suspension training
  • Exercise variations using suspension training

Typically TRX and Suspension Training courses runs over 1 day and includes using and demonstrating the use of suspension training before sitting a practical assessment. Therefore, it is advisable that students enrolling in a Suspension Training courses has prior knowledge and practice of suspension training before attending a course.

Graduates of a recognise Suspension Training course will collect REPs CPD points, which will go some way to maintaining their REPs status.

TRX or Suspension Training course graduates will be free to offer suspension training in gyms and personal trainers who purchase their own suspension equipment can offer it as part of their personal training sessions, outdoor boot camps or group PT classes.

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