Special Populations Training Courses

Special Populations Training Courses

Special Population training courses are courses which allow fitness professionals to extend their knowledge with specific groups, including children, those with medical conditions, people with disabilities, older people, and pregnant women. Typically a qualified personal trainer or experience gym instructor will look at a course dealing with one or more of these special population groups in order to further their knowledge, skill set and career. Being able to personal train or work with clients within a special population expands the earning potential of a PT or fitness professional.

Not only that but training courses looking at working with special populations allows fitness professionals to collect CPD training course credits in order to sustain their membership on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). In some cases Special Population training courses will allow a Level 2 REPs member to move to Level 3 and a REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer to move to Level 4.

Special Populations training course content

There are a number of fitness training course providers offering specific courses in GP referral, cardiac rehab, children's fitness, exercise and disability and pre and post natal courses, with each teaching students how best to prescribe exercise to each special group.

The training course content when learning about special populations will be tailored to each specific group. Obviously, the skills required to teach exercise to children is different to the skills required to prescribe safe and effective exercise to a pregnant women or someone recovering from a stroke or heart attack. That said, each course will include information including:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the client (child, stroke sufferer, pregnant women etc.)
  • Health and safety when dealing with a client
  • Health screening
  • Fitness assessment
  • Contraindications to exercise
  • Safe and effective exercise prescription
  • Monitor fitness and health of your client

Most courses of this nature are geared towards already experienced gym instructors and personal trainers. Therefore, courses can be usually delivered via online or distance learning modules, with perhaps an on-site practical and theory test to demonstrate competence in the student's chosen field.

Graduates of a course will be able to deliver sessions working alongside members within the special population they studied in.

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