Pre and Post Natal Training Courses

Pre and Post Natal Training

Pre and Post Natal training courses, often called Ante and Post Natal course, or Pregnancy and Exercise courses, allow gym instructors, fitness instructors and personal trainers gain qualification and the knowledge and skill to work with pregnant and post natal clients. A pre and post natal course will allow fitness professionals to address the needs and understand the fitness and weight management controls of woman before and after giving birth.

It is common for pregnant women to continue to exercise as a way to stay fit and healthy before birth. While many women increasingly understand the benefits of exercise during and after pregnancy, it is essential for their health and that of the baby, that this exercise is carefully managed and monitored. It is also important for health and safety and insurance reasons that fitness professionals and personal trainers who deal with pregnant women have the necessary skills and knowledge to guide pregnant women when exercising. An ante and post natal, pre and post natal and a pregnancy and exercise course can provide these skills and knowledge.

Pre and Post Natal training course content

A Pre and Post Natal training course is aimed at already qualified Register of Exercise (REPs) Level 2 fitness instructor and group exercise instructors as well as Level 3 personal trainers - fitness professionals already have a good solid foundational knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as the use of gym equipment, including free weights, resistance machines and cardiovascular machines. Therefore, the pre and post natal courses can concentrate on areas specific to pregnant women, including:

  • The anatomy of pregnancy
  • Physiological changes during pregnancy
  • The ante natal period
  • The post natal period
  • Safe and effective exercises during pregnancy
  • Planning and designing a safe and effective workout
  • Contraindications to exercise

Typically the course work for pre and post natal training courses are available online or via distance learning. The assessment for pre and post natal courses can include online theory tests, case study submissions and written papers.

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