Group Exercise Training Courses

Group Exercise

Group exercise and studio-based classes are extremely popular in many health clubs, fitness centres and leisure centres across the UK. Therefore, training courses are plentiful, allowing students of fitness in pick from a high number of varying group exercise instructor traing courses, including the high energy group exercise classes of Body Attack and Body Pump to calmer classes, including Tai Chi yoga and Pilates.

Almost all group exercise and gym-based classes include music in some form or other. Therefore, one of the best overall training courses on the market is Exercise to Music, which is offered by almost all fitness training course providers in the UK. This qualification allows graduates to gain Level 2 accreditation with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and allows Exercise to Music instructors to teach aerobics, dance, step and much more. Other more specific courses, for example Les Mills training courses, often require additional qualifications before students can enrol. But as we are looking at 'further learning' and CPD courses, let's assume you're at least holding an Exercise to Music, gym instructor, personal trainer or another Level 2 Exercise Register qualification already and you're looking at what additional courses and credits are on offer.

Group Exercise and Gym-based exercise class training course content

Almost all group exercise and gym-base exercise class training courses encompass key elements of fitness theory, including anatomy and physiology, adaptations to exercise and, in some cases, how to create exercise classes based around the beats and tempo in music. However, other content will vary depending on the course. For example, Body Pump will focus on the correct form using barbells and resistance exercises, whereas spinning will look at the correct set up and use of an indoor free-wheel exercise bike. So, rather than include all the possible content included in each course, we have listed the courses below with links to more in-depth information found on Course Feeder.

To find out which group exercise instructor route to take, participate in as many different classes as you can. Then the ones you enjoy the most, train up and teach others.

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