Core Stability Training Courses

Core Stability Training

Core stability is a recognised element of fitness, taught by a range of fitness professionals, including personal trainers, Exercise to Music, gym instructors, aqua instructors, yoga teachers, Pilates teachers ... in fact any organised group exercise class or one-to-one personal training session should include core stability as a component of every session.

Core stability training allows the practitioner to improve their strength, speed, balance and overall exercise and sports performance. Therefore, all fitness professionals should have a level of competency when it comes to core stability training and advice as without it many of their clients will be missing out on a vital element of fitness.

Core Stability training course content

Many fitness training course providers offer a core stability course. Whilst course titles many vary slightly, all courses should allow the fitness student to develop a high level of understanding and the practical skills required to demonstrate how to correctly engage the core muscles of the torso. Core stability courses typically include the following elements:

  • Focus on technique and alignment during exercise
  • Design and develop a challenging core stability workout
  • Understand the muscles engaged in the development of core stability
  • Improve fitness professionals observation skills to stop incorrect technique by clients
  • The use of fitness equipment, including an exercise ball, balance boards and BOSU in the training of core stability

Most training courses assess the skills of a fitness professional based on the theory and practical skills required to deliver a successful core stability training session.

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