Conversion of an Advanced Fitness Instructor to Personal Trainer Status Training Courses

Personal Trainers

Many fitness instructors and gym instructors would love to be personal trainers either working for themselves or in their local health club. However, while advanced gym instructors carry a Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) Level 3 qualification, they are not deemed a qualified REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer, meaning they shouldn't employed or working as a PT. Therefore, in order to become a recognised personal trainer, gym instructors must attend a course based on 'up skilling' their current theoretical fitness knowledge and practical exercise capabilities. And this is where the Conversion of a Advanced Fitness Instructor to Personal Trainer Status training course comes in.

Rather than undertake a brand new personal trainer course form the start, that may cover the same ground as their gym instructor course (bear in mind that typically a personal trainer qualification also includes becoming qualified as a gym instructor before undertaking extra modules), advance fitness and gym instructors can convert their existing course into a personal trainer course qualification by simply studying the modules that their course missed.

Conversion of a Advanced Fitness Instructor to Personal Trainer Status training course content

A student of the Conversation of a Advanced Fitness Instructor to Personal Trainer Status training course will have prior knowledge of elements of anatomy and physiology, resistance and cardiovascular training, demonstrating correct form in exercise and other skills required to train clients on the gym floor. Therefore the conversation course can concentrate on more advanced fitness elements, including:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Endocrine system
  • Passive fitness assessments
  • Principles of nutrition
  • Guidelines for sports nutrition and exercise
  • Advanced forms of exercise

This type of conversion course allows advanced fitness instructors to upgrade to a fully qualified REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer. This means that graduates of this course can seek employment in gyms and health clubs or develop their own personal training company.

Assessments of fitness instructor into personal trainer conversion courses may include face-to-face workshop assessments as well as a written element, perhaps including submitting a portfolio of evdience outlining good practice.

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