Cardiac Rehabilitation Training Courses

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation training courses allow fitness professionals, including personal trainers, gym instructors, fitness managers and therapists to develop an expertise in cardiac rehab and cardiac disease prevention within their client base. There are a number of training course providers offering cardiac rehab and cardiac courses, many as a stand alone course or as part of a GP Referral training course.

The importance of cardiac disease prevention and rehabilitation cannot be stressed enough. Many patients can extend their lives after a heart attack, stoke or other serious cardiac episode by including exercise in their daily lives. However, often GPs are unaware of the correct level of exercise and, obviously, your average gym instructor or personal trainer shouldn't make recommendations to a heart attack sufferers due to the inherent dangers involved. Therefore, a cardiac rehab trained fitness professional is in a great position to help such health club members or people within their local community.

Cardiac Rehabilitation training course content

While Cardiac Rehab training course titles do vary, each course should include elements of the follow:

  • Exercise prescription to heart attack and stroke sufferers
  • Health and lifestyle screening
  • Fitness testing
  • Behavioural management
  • Dietary management
  • Blood pressure and heart rate testing
  • Contra-indications to exercise

Such cardiac rehab and cardiac disease prevention courses usually include a distance learning and workshop element, allowing students to understand the theory, share their ideas with their peers and carry out face-to-face fitness testing. Also many courses allow fitness professionals, especially trained personal trainers to move onto Level 4 on Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

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