Advanced Personal Training Courses

Advanced Personal Training Courses

The Advanced Personal Trainer course offers already qualified personal trainers the chance to up skill and develop areas of expertise in a wide variety of areas. Embarking on an Advanced Personal Trainer training course will equip personal trainers with a portfolio of skills that can allow them to become world class PTs.

Who is the Advanced Personal Trainer course aimed at?

The Advanced Personal Trainer training course is usually aimed at graduates of a REPs accredited Level 2 Fitness Instructor or Gym Instructor course. In many ways an Advanced Personal Trainer course jumps forward and looks at practically training and assisting clients to reach their health, fitness and exercise goals so students on this type of advanced course should already have a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the use of gym equipment, body composition testing and other key skills covered within a fitness instructor course.

Advanced Personal Trainer course content

As an Advanced Personal Trainer, students will learn about areas of fitness and exercise, including:

  • Gym instruction and how best to use free weights, resistance machines and cardiovascular equipment
  • Fitness testing
  • Advanced personal training and how best to meet your client's goals over a prolonged period of time
  • Exercise nutrition and how to create and analyse a food diary, as well as giving nutrition advice
  • Business skills to plan and prepare a business plan and the best ways to market yourself to gain new clients
  • Outdoor fitness
  • Sports conditioning and the best way to allow sports people to develop sports specific fitness
  • Suspension training and using a client's own bodyweight during exercise sessions
  • Padwork and boxing skills

What kind of Advanced Personal Trainer courses are available?

There are a number of routes allowing personal trainers to gain 'advanced' status. Already qualified personal trainers can follow a route through continual personal development (CPD) and enrol in courses at their own pace, acquiring skills in disciplines including fitness testing, suspension training, self-defence, Exercise to Music, business and marketing skills, offering 'boot camp' style group exercise classes and more.

Or a graduate of a fitness instructor or gym instructor course can enrol onto an all encompassing course that will mix and match the skills required to acquire 'advanced' status or the title of 'exercise specialist'. Such courses are run by training providers, including the YMCA and Premier Global, amongst others.

After graduating with an Advanced Personal Trainer qualification

Advanced personal trainers are in a great position to develop their own business and gain a client base in which to create a lucrative career. Advanced courses will develop the business and marketing skills of a personal trainer, allowing them to create a buzz about their personal training service in their local area.

It will also equip graduates of the advanced personal trainer course with a multitude of skills that can allow PTs to work with a wide variety of people, including gym users, special populations, athletes and people looking to lose weight. This means that an advanced personal trainer can cast their catchment net over a wider area of the population, increasing their chances of gaining more clients.

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