SH'BAM Instructor Training Course

Sh'Bam Instructor

SH'BAM is a 45 minutes dance class set to the chart-topping popular hits and dance music found in all the world's best night clubs. The dancing is hot and steamy but the moves are simple to master, making SH'BAM a great way to get fit and burn calories whilst you get your groove on. SH'BAM also helps participants to tone up the legs, strengthen the thighs and core as well as firm up the bum.

Who is the SH'BAM Instructor training course aimed at?

The SH'BAM Instructor training course is offered by Les Mills, the group exercise training company that brought Body Pump, Body Jam, Body Combat, Body Balance, RPM and more to gyms and exercise studios all over the world. And if you have ever experienced any one of these classes you'll know that the moves are simple, the music is first class and the instructors are motivating and full of life. Therefore SH'BAM instructors should be self-motivated, sociable and interested in fitness training. Ideally students enrolling onto a SH'BAM instructor course should have experience of taking part in a number of SH'BAM group exercise sessions at a local gym or health club.

SH'BAM Instructor training courses

The SH'BAM Instructor training course, like other Les Mills UK courses, teach students to appreciate the five key elements of training, including:

  • Choreography
  • Technique
  • Coaching
  • Connection
  • Fitness

These are some of the major components when teaching group exercise based around the latest chart-topping tracks.

Finding SH'BAM Instructor training courses

Les Mills UK offer SH'BAM Instructor training workshops in some of the UK's major cities throughout the year, including London, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh.

To find out more details about enrolling onto SH'BAM Instructor training course use the Course Crawler training course search and receive a free Les Mills course prospectus.