Certificate in Fitness Instructing Training Courses

Certificate in Fitness Instructing

The Certificate in Fitness Instructing training course is ideal for people wishing to work as a gym instructor at a health club, leisure centre or gym. The Certificate in Fitness Instructing course provides all the necessary tools and knowledge needed to find employment in all the UK's major health clubs, including Virgin Active, David Lloyd, Fitness First, LA Fitness and others. In each major UK health club chain, as well as independent gyms throughout the UK, recognise the Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) accreditation and Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) Level 2 acknowledgement that is attached to the Certificate in Fitness Instructing course.

Certificate in Fitness Instructing training course material

During the Certificate in Fitness Instructing training course students will gain knowledge of the anatomy and physiology, principles of exercise and fitness training, the cardio-respiratory system, correct use of cardiovascular and resistance-based gym equipment, designing cardiovascular and resistance-based exercise programmes for gym users and the elements and aspects of health and safety at work. Many fitness instructing courses will also equip students with knowledge about special populations, including exercise for children and older people.

What kind of courses are available?

The Certificate in Fitness Instructing is available from a number of fitness training providers, including Fitness industry Education, Premier Training International and Focus Training to name but a few. The course is available a number of different ways, depending on the needs and circumstances of the student. A student can either enrol onto:

  • An intensive full time fitness instructor course
  • A part time course held durng weekends
  • Distance learning course allowing to students to learn at their own pace

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After graduating with a Certificate in Fitness Instructing

Graduating the Certificate in Fitness Instructing will allow students to enrol onto the Register of Exercise Professionals at Level 2. This will allow graduates to work with a major health club or an independent gym. Not only that but the Certificate in Fitness Instructing is a certified CYQ course which means will allow graduates the opportunity to travel within their career as the CYQ qualification is recognised in gyms in throughout Europe, the US and Australia.

Can I become a personal trainer?

The Certificate in Fitness Instucting itself is not a personal training qualification and so graduates should not personal train members of the general public. However, the Certificate in Fitness Instructing represents a solid foundation and stepping stone to become a qualified personal trainer as many personal trainer courses will ask students to hold a recognised gym instructor qualification become enrolling onto a PT course.

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