Boot Camp Instructor Training Courses

Boot Camp Instructor

Boot Camp outdoor group exercise training is the new phenomenon sweeping the UK. Take a walk through a park on a Summer's evening or a Saturday and Sunday morning and there will be a good chance you'll see a boot camp instructor putting their group through some gruelling outdoor exercise routines, including shuttle runs, walking lunges, press ups, team building games, sprints, pull ups, dips and much more.

Who is the Boot Camp Instructor qualification aimed at?

Boot camp instructor courses are aimed at qualified REPs Level 2circuit training instructors, gym instructors, aqua teachers and Exercise to Music teachers who wish to broaden their skill set and appeal.

Boot Camp Instructor training course content

Note that on the marketplace there are a variety of courses that are endorsed as boot camp instructor courses but may not necessarily be called a 'Boot Camp Instructor Course'. For example, the YMCA Fit course is called 'Outdoor Fitness', whereas the Boot Camp Fitness course is called 'Boot Camp Instructor'. Whatever the actual title of the training course, a fitness course with a strong emphasis on circuit training groups outdoors will allow graduates to run organised boot camp-style group exercise classes.

Also, many courses, regardless of their title, will include very similar components, including:

  • Designing fun exercise programmes around natural outdoor environments
  • Include grass, tree stumps, slopes, outdoor gyms and mobile equipment when planning sessions
  • Plan and demonstrate warm up and cool down activities
  • Create dynamic and challenging exercise programmes
  • Demonstrate excellent teaching practices
  • Health screening
  • Health and safety issues when exercising groups outdoors

Graduating the Boot Camp Instructor course

Many graduates of any Boot Camp Instructor or Outdoor Fitness Course will go on to train groups of people within an outdoor environment. Others may include this style of instructing within their weekly practice. For example a Level 3 personal trainer may teach boot camps two to three times a week, whereas a gym instructor may teach outdoor boot camp-style sessions to club members as an alternative to normally scheduled studio-based circuit training classes.

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