Online Fitness Training Courses

Online Fitness Training Courses

Online training courses within health and fitness offer students a flexible way of studying. Many companies offer online courses as an alternative option to studying in class or as an additional study tool to help students to develop a wealth of knowledge before a written or practical exam.

The benefits of online fitness training courses

Online fitness training courses are a flexible way to study for many students. Companies who offer online fitness courses, including Fitness Industry Education or Fitness Qualifications for example, break topics down into modules, allowing students to work their way through the online course material at their own pace. This makes online fitness courses an ideal way to study for busy people who might have to juggle studying with other commitments (i.e. work, family, other areas of study etc.)

Another benefit of studying online is that the fitness industry recognises the qualifications obtained. So, students studying to become a gym instructor or a qualified fitness instructor will be able to enrol onto the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) very much in the same way students who attended classes and seminars would.

What will be included in online fitness courses?

As you'd expect, the modules covered in online fitness courses mirror those taught to students who gain their qualifications off-line. For example, the Fitness Qualifications gym instructor online training course covers:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • The respiratory system
  • The heart and the circulatory system
  • The benefits of exercise
  • Exercise prescription and fitness programme design
  • Safeguarding special populations, including children
  • Communication and motivation of clients

Each component that makes up online courses will be accredited by a fitness body; in the case of the aforementioned Fitness Qualifations course each online module is written and assessed to Central YMCA Qualification (CYQ) standard.

Practical assessments when studying online

Good online fitness training courses will require students to attend at least one day of on-site practical and assessment to ensure that students are as competent in practice as they are in the theory.

This assessment will usually involve the demonstration of using a variety of gym equipment safely and effectively, so it is essential that students studying online have prior experience of exercising and using gym equipment before attending a practical assessment.

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