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So, you've decided that you have what it takes to become a personal trainer: You are passionate about fitness, you are goal driven and you love dealing with the general public. Well, your journey towards a new career in personal training is about to begin; read on to discover a wealth of personal training courses and routes available to making your dream a reality.

The qualifications available to become a personal trainer

There are a number of personal trainer qualifications and courses available to suit your lifestyle and budget if you want to become a personal trainer. These personal training courses may be booked through a private personal training course provider or your local college. Personal training courses can be full time, part time or offered as an intensive course.

Types of Personal Training courses

There are a number of recognised personal training courses titles that will allow you to become a personal trainer, including:

  • Certificate of personal trainer
  • Diploma of personal trainer
  • Advanced personal trainer
  • Master personal trainer

The importance of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

When considering joining any profession, it is important to be aware of its regulatory body. For people looking to become a personal trainer, as well as all exercise professionals, the Register of Exercise Professionals, REPs for short, is the regulatory body that seeks to ensure there are agreed occupational national standards across the health and fitness industry. Once qualified as a personal trainer, your details will be held on the register where potential clients can check out your qualifications and insurance details.

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